Elite Diagnostics grabs 77% of trades

Recently listed Elite Diagnostics dominated trading on Junior Market on Friday with 4 million shares, or 77 percent of trading, with no trade exceeding 172,000 units.
On Thursday the Elite accounted for just over 84 percent of volume of stocks trading, resulting in 6,672,725 units, up from 2,520,373 shares that were exchanged on Wednesday.
The market closed on Friday with 21 securities changing hands, up from 18 on Thursday, resulting in an exchange of 5,241,602 units valued at $19,221,963, compared to 7,902,138 units valued at $25,165,370 on the prior trading day.
The Junior Market index advanced 12.59 points to close at 2,928.28 as the prices of 7 securities advanced, 7 declined and 7 remained unchanged.
Trading ended with an average of 249,600 units for an average of $915,332 compared to an average of 439,008 units for an average of $1,398,076 on Thursday. An average of 288,936 units at an average value of $1,632,571 traded, and previously 291,636 units at an average value of $1,681,793. In contrast, January closed with an average of 122,386 shares, valued at $489,704 for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator|At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows 8 stocks ending with the bid higher than the last selling price and 1 with a lower offer.
At the close of the market, AMG Packaging ended 40 cents higher at $2.45, with 20,000 stock units, Blue Power concluded trading at $34.87, with 910 units, CAC 2000 finished at $9, with 7,000 shares, Caribbean Cream ended trading $1.53 higher at $7.52, with 296,348 shares, Caribbean Producers finished trading 10 cents higher at $4.40, with 70,595 units. C2W Music ended with a loss of 6 cents at $0.45, with 58,350 shares, Dolphin Cove finished 15 cents higher at $17, with 100,200 stock units, Elite Diagnostic settled with a loss of 11 cents at $2.90, with 4,055,011 units, Eppley ended trading with a loss of 40 cents at $10.10, with 100 shares. FosRich Group finished trading 10 cents higher at $2.70, with 12,000 shares, General Accident closed with a loss of 5 cents at $2.80, with 61,920 stock units, Iron Rock finished at $3, with 111,500 shares, Jamaican Teas ended trading 28 cents higher at $4.78, with 9,700 stock units. Jetcon Corporation traded at $4.60, with 67,077 units, Lasco Distributors concluded trading with a loss of 3 cents at $4.37, with 31,891 stock units, Lasco Financial finished at $5, with 104,930 units, Lasco Manufacturing settled at $4.43, with 2,783 shares. Main Event ended trading at $6, with 5,067 shares, Medical Disposables fell 15 cents to $4.85, with 16,950 shares, Stationery and Office closed with a loss of 6 cents at $5, with 24,091 units and tTech concluded trading 40 cents higher at $5.40, with 185,179 shares changing hands.
Prices of securities trading for the day are those at which the last trade took place.

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