CMP flouting law – no AGM for 11 years

For the nine months to December 2007 CMP Industries reported profit of $5.2 million representing an improvement over the results for the similar period in 2006. The company had $23 million in cash and no interest bearing debt.
From all indications, CMP was generating rental income from property owned at Marcus Garvey Drive that been rented successfully since. By now, the company should have piled up a large amount of cash with several years having passed, are those funds been well managed? That is a big question. Shareholders have no way of knowing since the company has not presented any new financial information nor held a general meeting to update them.
The 2007 results are the last that minority shareholders have received, when the company was listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. Apparently, Cash Plus owned entity acquired the majority shares but the Trustees in Bankruptcy has taken control over the company but has supplied no updates on the company finances nor called a general meeting of the company. That leaves the company in breach of the companies Act that require annual general meetings to be held annually.
Recent contact with the Trustees in Bankruptcy indicates that they are controlling the company to realise funds to pay off debtors of Cash Plus. If that is true and it can’t really be so unless they sell the shares of the controlling interest, as the company belongs to all shareholders and any cash inflow if distributed has to be done equally to all shareholders as CMP is not indebted to Cash Plus debtors.
CMP Holdings Limited, was incorporated under the laws of St. Lucia, and which owns and controls approximately eighty percent (80%) of the shares in CMP Industries in 2007 sold the shares to Castelo Holdings, was said to have acquired 80 percent interest in CMP.
CMP shares were suspended from trading on the JSE in 2008, pending an offer to minority shareholders that never came. Minority shareholders need to know what is happening to their investment in the company and the Trustees in Bankruptcy cannot continue to flout the law.

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