Cari-Med heading for Jamaica Stock Exchange

Word on the street is that the Cari-Med Group is preparing for listing on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, with all probability that this will take place by early 2023 has been reliably informed.
The company was launched in 1986 as Cari-Med Limited, a small pharmaceutical distribution company, by Glen and Marva Christian.
“The Group has an excellent reputation in the market and is the dominant pharmaceutical company in the country”, one source informed
The Group represents and distributes Lysol, Harpic, Gillette, Duracell, Wrigley, Scotch Brite, Ensure and Purina, to name some of the products they manage.
In 2020 a restructuring of the companies within the Group resulted in Cari-Med being renamed Cari-Med Group, the parent company of the Group.
Marketing activities are organized under three divisions, Consumer and pharmaceuticals, with the third being medical supplies, Hospital, Medical Equipment and Disposables, staffed by sales and marketing personnel teams.
The Group serves markets across the Caribbean region with exports of its home brands such as Lullabye baby products, BemStar Adult Diapers, and the KenClean line of laundry products.
The Group invested more than $6 billion in the development of a distribution centre in St. Catherine to house a 258,000-square-foot facility on land along Salt Pond Road in Bernard Lodge to house the warehouses and administrative offices of the Consumer Goods Division.

CariMed and NCB Capital Markets staff at the signing of an agreement appointing the brokerage house as financial advisers.

Cari-Med employs over 900 employees has been with the company website indicates. Dun & Bradstreet put revenues for the Group at Cari-Med at US$37 million and Kirk Distributors at US$38 million and the Cari-Med building in New Kingston is said to generate rental income of US$20. But one source is of the view that the revenues in the distribution may be closer to J$15 billion, which could deliver a profit of around $600 to $700 million, but the financial cost to build out the warehouse may result in net profit being trimmed below this level.
NCB Capital Markets is the broker for the issue.

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