Big drop for Junior Market – Thursday

This week’s rally was cut short with the prices of juts nine stocks rising on Thursday, 16 declining and five closing unchanged and the Junior Market index tumbled 63.16 points to close well under 2,600 points mark in ending at 2553.86. 
The average PE Ratio of the Junior Market ended at 10.1 based on IC’s forecasted 2020-21 earnings.
The market closed with the trading of 30 securities changing hands with an exchange of 11,750,821 shares for $26,397,742 compared to  3,953,494  units at $9,882,736 on Wednesday.
Derrimon Trading led trading with 9.3 million shares for 77 percent of the day’s trade, followed by Mailpac Group with 733,707 units for 6 percent of the day’s volume and iCreate with 588,774 units for 5 percent market share.
Market activity resulted in an average of 391,694 units at $879,925 for each active security in contrast to an average of 136,327 shares at $340,784 on Wednesday. For the month to date, an average of 266,175 units changed hands at $614,923 for each security traded. Trading for June ended with an average of 245,049  units at $689,955.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading for the Junior Market shows five stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and one with a lower offer.
At the close of the market, Access Financial fell $3 with an exchange of 6,206 stock units, to finish at $24, Caribbean Cream rose 24 cents to end at $2.69 with the trading of 13,571 shares, Caribbean Producers settled at $2.39, after gaining 2 cents and with the transfer of 31,706 stock units. Derrimon Trading ended the day with 9,025,688 shares changing hands after shedding 34 cents to settle at $2.18, Elite Diagnostic declined by 6 cents to end at $3.87 with 21,229 units changing hands. Everything Fresh rose 2 cents to 76 cents with investors transferring 12,676 units, Express Catering increased by 4 cents after trading 1,996 stock units to finish at $4.34, Fontana fell 7 cents to settle at $5.32, with an exchange of 171,508 stock units, Fosrich advanced 4 cents to close at $3.55 trading 4,767 stock units. GWest Corporation lost 5 cents to close at 85 cents with 25,802 units changing hands, Honey Bun gained 29 cents after investors transferred 27,887 stock units to end at $5.69, iCreate fell 2 cents to 55 cents in the exchange of 588,774 shares. Indies Pharma closed at $2.45 after falling 3 cents and trading 42,180 stock units, Jamaican Teas gained 8 cents to close at $5.07 in the transfer of 218,974 shares, Jetcon Corporation slipped 3 cents to $1.05 with an exchange of 4,634 shares. Knutsford Express lost $1 to end at $7.90 in trading a mere 148 shares, Lasco Distributors slipped 9 cents to close at $2.91 with 103,988 units changing hands, Lasco Financial declined 3 cents and exchanged 128,885 stock units to settle at $2.57. Lasco Manufacturing shed 46 cents to close at $3.50 with 145,000 stock units traded, Limners and Bards fell 12 cents to end at $2.65 in the transfer of 173,100 units, Lumber Depot slipped 2 cents to $1.10 with investors exchanging 173,176 shares.  Mailpac Group rose 8 cents and closed at $2.06 with 733,707 stock units changing hands,  Main Event ended at $4.07 after tumbling 41 cents in the transfer of 1,739 shares, Stationery and Office Supplies dropped 58 cents and traded 25,010 stock units to settle at $5.71 and tTech jumped 69 cents to close at $5.39, with just 35 units crossing the exchange.

Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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