Barita shareholders to vote on rights

Barita climbs to a new closing high of $50 on Friday.

Barita Investments (BIL) has advised that the Board of Directorshas taken the decision to withdraw its Notice of a Rights Issue to BIL’s shareholders, dated December 14, 2018 and instead hold a meeting of shareholders to consider the matter.
As a result an Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders will be on Thursday, January 17, 2019, at the Terra Nova Hotel, at 10 am to consider the issue of increasing the issued shares by way of a rights issue.
“The purpose of the meeting is to ensure that BIL’s minority shareholders will have an opportunity to contribute to the decision for a Rights Issue,” the directors stated in their release to the Jamaica Stock Exchange.
The resolutions to be put to the extraordinary general meeting, include one for the issue of 262.28 million shares, as a rights issue. Each shareholder will be entitled to 10 shares for each 17 held, at the record date. The price for each share of the rights, is expected to remain at $15.50, as originally approved by the directors, unless varied at the upcoming meeting. The resolution is also asking that the terms of the issue are to be determined by the directors.
The rights in the original directors release were to be non-renounceable, if this condition remains after the vote at the meeting, it will mean that shareholders will not be able to sell their rights to a third party, as such if they decide not to take them up they will not be able to benefit directly from the issue.
The directors had previously voted to offer the rights to shareholders without calling a general meeting but after consultations, decided to put the matter to a general meeting of shareholders where it properly belongs.
Since announcing the rights in early December, the stock price has risen more than 56 percent to $50 and is up 567 percent for 2018 to be the stock exchange’s best performing stock.

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