$127m Junior Market trades – Tuesday

Investors sent the Junior Market down at the close of trading on Tuesday with volume and value surging well over recent daily levels as Mailpac and Fontana shares dominated with 66 and 25 percent of the market respectively and Caribbean Cream chipped in with 4 percent.
The prices of the three leading trades declined to help in the Junior Market Index shedding 46.89 points to close at 2,550.20, the second lowest close for the month to date. At the end of the market, 32 securities traded down from 28 securities on Monday as the prices of 11 securities advanced, 13 declined and eight remained unchanged. The PE ratio of the market ended at ten times IC Insider.com projected 2020-21 earnings.
Trading resulted in an exchange of 46,968,202 units accounting for $126,633,229 compared to 4,779,088 shares at $20,952,617 on Monday.
Trading concluded with an average of 1,467,756 units at $3,957,288 for each security traded in contrast to 170,682 units at $748,308 on Monday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to 261,844 units at $692,096 and previously 177,588 units at $463,960. In contrast, May closed with an average of 150,274 units for $491,077 for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows four stocks ended with bids higher than its last selling prices and two with lower offers.
At the close of the market, Access Financial recovered $4 of the $4.74 it lost on Monday to settle at $24 with 3,850 shares changing hands, AMG Packaging dropped 6 cents to $1.62 with 3,601 units changing hands, Blue Power slipped 4 cents in the exchange of 2,926 stock units to end at $3.61. Cargo Handlers shed 30 cents to finish at $7.50 trading 59 units, Caribbean Assurance Brokers gained 10 cents in the exchange of 4,822 shares to close at $2.30, Caribbean Cream closed trading of 2,000,000 units and fell 20 cents to end at $2.47. Caribbean Producers lost 5 cents to settle at $2.34 with 650,144 stock units passing through the market, Dolphin Cove jumped 80 cents after a transfer of 1,660 shares to close at $8.30, Elite Diagnostic added 5 cents to end at $3.83 with 25,182 units changing hands. Fontana traded a staggering 11,483,741 units and dropped 16 cents to close at $5.60, Honey Bun climbed 35 cents to $5.65 with an exchange of 103,044 units, iCreate gained 3 cents in the transfer of 40,000 units to finish at 61 cents. Indies Pharma slipped 14 cents and traded 343,600 shares to finish at $2.66, Jamaican Teas ended at $4.58 after rising 23 cents in exchanging 32,850 stock units, Jetcon Corporation slipped 4 cents to $1.15 in the transfer of 17,392 shares. Lasco Distributors closed 1 cent lower at $2.97, with 619,829 units changing hands, Lasco Financial slipped 2 cents to $2.60 with 33,329 units traded, Lasco Manufacturing closed at $4 after adding 1 cent in the transfer of 54,751 shares. Limners and Bards rose 15 cents to $2.73 with 348,673 shares crossing the exchange, Lumber Depot slid 2 cents and swapped 277,086 units to finish at $1.11, Mailpac Group and lost 2 cents to close at $1.88 with investors transferring a stunning 30,777,290 shares. Main Event finished at $4.15 after rising 5 cents and trading 1,000 units and Medical Disposables shed 20 cents to settle at $6.80 with 1,806 stock units crossing the exchange. In the junior market preference segment, CAC 2000 9.5% climbed 16 cents to $1.16, with 1,008 units changing hands.

Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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