10 records in 10 days for JSE main market

The Jamaica Stock Exchange chalked up its 10th consecutive session at record high as JMMB Group traded at a new high of $42.50, up from $39.61 at the close on Wednesday and NCB Financial Group trading at a record $184.50.
At 11.17 am, the JSE All Jamaican Composite Index jumped 2,642.74 points to a record high of 483,354.79 and the JSE Index climbed 2,674.49 points to another record 440,231.57. The Junior Market rose 20.71 points to 3,128.48. The market moved on to higher levels as NCB traded at a new all-time high of $184.85 as the JSE All Jamaican Composite Index raced 6,813.16 points to a record high of 487,225.21 and the JSE Index surged 6,191.68 to 443,748.76 at mid-day.
If the market hold on to the gains, it would have broken through resistance at 480,000 points on the All Jamaica index and should be heading for the next level of resistance at 520,000 points.

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