Wigton Windfarm IPO prospectus is out

The long awaited prospectus for Wigton Windfarm is now available to the public, with an offer of 11 billion shares priced at 50 cents each. The offer will officially open on April 17 and scheduled to close at 4.30 pm on May 1.   
The company’s net energy output can only be sold to Jamaica Public Services Company, the country sole marketing entity, supplying energy to consumers. According to the government’s public bodies accounting records, the company projects profit of $587 million to the end of March this year, down from $826 million earned in 2018, helped by other income of $637 million versus just $52 million in 2018. The company generated sales revenue of $2.5 billion in 2019 and $2.36 in 2018. The annual growth in profit before finance cost is minimal grew just over 11 percent in 2015 and 2016 and a much slower 7 percent in 2017 and 2018, with a 6 percent decline in 2019.

Wigton IPO propectus is out.

In the nine months to December 2018 sales revenue was $1.95 billion compared to J$1.91 billion in the prior comparable period in 2017. Cost of Sales closed at J$544 million compared to J$535 million in the nine-month period for 2017. Gross Profit ended at J$1.4 billion compared to J$1.38 billion in 2017. Net profit for the nine months to December 2018 ended at J$730 million compared to J$1 billion reported in 2017.
Earnings for these periods, include foreign exchange gains and losses. With the company repaying the foreign currency loans, the main source of foreign exchange gains or losses no longer exits, hence the need to normalize results without them. IC Insider.com projects normalized earnings for the 2019 fiscal year between $600-700 million, resulting in earnings per share of 6 cents.
The company is heavily indebted with $6.3 billion of borrowed funds carrying interest rates of 6.65 percent to 8.4 percent with an average rate of just under 8 percent. Cash funds on hand amounts to $1.4 billion and equity of $2.4 billion. Current assets exclusive cash and payables are minimal. The company had borrowed most of it loans in US dollars, resulted in annual swings in net profit as the

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exchange rate of the Jamaican dollar moved up and down. Loans in US dollars were paid off and the company raised Jamaican dollar funds, in preparation for the initial public offer.
The company’s generating capacity is 63 mega-watts. Wigton I Power Interchange Agreement expires in April 2024 and accounts for up to 20MW, Wigton II Power Purchase Agreement expires, December 2030 to supply up to 18MW and Wigton III Power Purchase Agreement ends in March 2036 for up to 24MW.
The price of the stock results in a PE ratio of just under 8.5, the company would be valued at just under $5.5 billion and sits at number 4 on IC Insider.com top 10 stocks. The big question that should be on investors minds, when will meaningful growth in revenues and profits come to justify holding the shares beyound what may well be an initial bounce.
The company directors are; Oliver Holmes, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Acct.) Non-Executive Chairman, Nigel B. Davy, B.T., J.P. Non-Executive Director, M. Georgia Gibson-Henlin, Q.C., B.A. LL.B. LL.M., F.C.I. Arb. Non-executive Director Hugh Johnson, Non-executive Director Gregory Shirley, B.A., M.B.A. Non-executive Director, Jacqueline Stewart-Lechler, J.P. Non-executive Director.

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