Tourist arrivals climb for Jamaica

Tourist arrivals into Jamaica continue to grow, according to data released by Grupo Aeroportuario operators of international airports in Montego Bay and Kingston, with arrivals in May probably rising 13 percent above those for 2022, with 544,000 passengers processed, up from 481,400 and for the year to date an increase of 32 percent to 2.89 million from 2.196 million in 2022.

This is the clearest sign of a boom time in Jamaica’s tourism industry.

Montego Bay, the gateway with the highest number of visitors, had a bounce of 10.2 percent to 403,000 incoming and outgoing passengers, up from 366,000 and for the year to date, an increase of 30.2 percent to 2.208 million from 1.696 million in 2022 to May,
Passengers passing through the Norman Manley airport in Kingston jumped 21.9 percent to 141,100 from 115,800 and year to date, an increase of 36.2 percent to 681,700 from 500,400.

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