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Sterling Investments

Thanks very much for your feedback and observations IC Insider. Here are a few facts to aid the analysis:
1. SIL shareholders have known about the upcoming rights issue for over 3 months, the longest notice given by any company in the last 2 years!
2. SIL shareholders voted at an EGM on October 8, 2018 to conduct a rights issue. All shareholders, large and small, had a chance to physically attend the meeting and vote on the resolutions proposed. The Board welcomed the decision of the shareholders to do the rights issue and take advantage of great investment opportunities available in the global marketplace!
3. On December 12, the company published the details of the rights issue on the JSE website and the allotment formula for all shareholders. The notice informed shareholders that they would be able to purchase 2 shares for every 3 shares they owned. It also stated that the rights would apply to all shareholders that owned shares as at December 27, 2018. We received many calls from excited shareholders who wanted to participate!
4. SIL placed 2 full page advertisements in the newspaper to remind shareholders: On December 27, 2018 Sterling Investments Limited placed an ad in the Gleaner advising shareholders that the information was available on the JSE website, the SIL website.

Marion Ross of Sterling Investments.

5. On January 3, 2018 the JCSD mailed letters to shareholders with the forms they needed to complete. These forms are also available on the JSE website. Some shareholders have confirmed receipt of the documents and some shareholders may not have received them yet due to delays in the local postal service.
6. Sterling Investments remains committed to ensuring all shareholders are given equal and sufficient opportunity to participate in this great investment company. Existing SIL Shareholders will have until January 18th 2019 to renunciate their rights and can apply for shares in the excess pool until January 25th.
7. We are grateful to IC for their shareholder advocacy.
Publishers’ comments: thansk for the feedback. While SIL took steps to inform shareholders it does not chnage the facts that the information that was mailed, was sent out late and had critical pages missing or pages with only partial information thereon.

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