Seprod stock allocation fowl up to cost JSE

Seprod’s shareholders did not get full allocation of shares.

There is a big fowl up in the allocation of shares to Seprod’s shareholders who applied for shares in the recent offer of the share by the Musson Group.
On Monday November 12, NCB Capital Market announced that all applicants for reserved shares were fully allocated but that has so far turned out to be incorrect. Information gleaned by this publication is that applicants in the general pool apparently got more shares than they should, apparently at the expense of shares reserved for shareholder’s of Seprod as of the end of August, the cut off date for the purposes of allocating the shares.
IC gathers that several of the applications for the Seprod reserved shares did not get their full allocation as they were placed in the general pool. IC can confirm that around ten applications that should have been placed in the shareholders poll did not get the full allocation.
The problem, IC gathers stems from a glitch in the system at the Jamaica Central Depository, a subsidiary of the Jamaica Stock Exchange. The staff of the JCSD have been working to determine the extent of the error but our sources indicates that up Thursday the matter was still be worked on a suggestion that the extent of the error is wide spread.

The Jamaica Stock Exchange subsidiary

Shareholders who should have received their full allocation will in fact get them subject to funds being provided by the to complete the purchase. From all indications, the stock exchange seems poised to absorb the loss that is likely to be incurred to obtain the shares required to satisfy those shareholders who affected.
A total of 92 million shares were publicly offered for sale with 55 million reserved. A total of 15 million units were reserved for existing shareholders of Seprod. Since the close of the issue that offered the shares at $24 each, the stock now trades at $32 a difference of $8, with the price seeming set to rise.

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