Ranking dramatically improves stock returns

Many investors could dramatically improve returns on their stock market investment if they ranked stocks listed on the market. Ranking helps to better identify those with the greatest potential to grow and those that do not, within a limited time frame.
Many investors grapple with selecting the most appropriate stocks to buy or sell but many if they ranked stocks in the market, could see a marked change to their results. It would also give them a great guide as to when to sell. Most they know when to buy, but have difficulty in determining when to sell. Ranking solves that.
Investors should pay attention to all stocks in the market, especially when the companies report results. Financial results may have coded message about future earnings. Some factors to look for in results that could provide big advantage for keen investors are results with one off income or expenses that make them look better or worse than if those cost or income were not included. In short, results should be stripped to show earnings from continuing operations.

Access has a long history of consistent growth in income & profits

Ultimately stock valuation will be based on continuing earnings. Strength in revenue growth is a very good place to start, the higher the increase the better the future may look especially if costs are rising much more slowly than revenues.
Investors should pay attention to those stocks that rise or fall and try and identify the reasons for the movements, especially if the movement is over a few days rather than the one day up and the other day down change. Get help from a broker or a friend who are likely to know, to get a better understanding of price movements.
Investors can use information in IC Insider.com’s stock market report charts that show the PE ratio of each stock. The TOP 10 charts rank stocks starting with the ones showing the highest likely return at the top followed by next in line and so on. Ranking stocks to show those with the best and worse performance over the next 12 months, is one of the best ways to make money in the market.

Junior Market TOP 10 stocks ranked in descending order of potential gains.

It is highly recommended, as it has worked very well historically in eliminating the noise that is inherent in stock selection when they are not ranked. Those with the best ranking tend to take longer to rise as they tend to be out of favour for a while but usually they do and go on to provide big gains.
Focus should be placed on stocks with the lowest PE ratios. Rising stock prices increase the PE and falling prices will tend to reduce the PE. The crude rule of thumb is that stocks with the lowest PE ratios are better buys for maximum appreciation with the reverse being true.
While investors should be looking for low PE stocks to invest in, some of the best stocks to invest in are those with rising income and profit, they could probably be very good stocks to invest in for a longer period and ensure a greater chance of long term gains.
The historical performance of Access Financial is an excellent example to observe as it has demonstrated consistent high annual growth in revenues and profits and stock price.

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