Pulse Investments cans Rights Issue

Kingsley Cooper Chairman of Pulse

Pulse Investments (PULS) has canned their previously proposed rights issue of ordinary shares, instead the company has resorted to bonds financing, the preferred approached minority shareholders had recommended at the 2016 annual General meeting.
The proposed debt financing did not find favour with the directors hence their attempt to seek equity funding. According a release of the company, “the Board decided that the Company will not pursue the previously announced rights issue, as it has now secured funding from a related party as well as a bond from NCB Capital Markets. The Directors decided, on reflection, that the funding now secured, is a less expensive alternative for the company than the rights issue would have been. Further, no shareholders run the risk of dilution of their Pulse shareholding as a result of the current course of action.”
PULS further states that it wishes to clearly indicate that the rights issue, which would have been arranged and brokered by NCB Capital Markets, had been approved, with sufficient commitments made to ensure that the issue would have been fully subscribed.

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