Junior Market tumbles on Wednesday

The market index rose to more than 2,556 points within an hour of trading on Wednesday but selling drove the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange down at the close, with the market index dropping nearly 100 points from the day’s peak to finish with a loss for the day of 70.49 points to settle at 2,459.43.
Trading ended with more stocks declining than rising after an exchange of 33 percent more shares than on Tuesday. The market closed with 38 securities changing hands compared to 33 on Tuesday and closed with the prices of 15 stocks rising, 17 declining and six remaining unchanged. The average PE Ratio ends at 12.5 based on ICInsider.com’s forecast of 2020-21 earnings.
The market saw an exchange of 7,027,159 shares for  $23,247,610 compared to 5,272,918 units at $15,658,293 on Tuesday.
Fosrich led trading with 34.2 percent of total volume with an exchange of 2.4 million shares, followed by  Jamaican Teas with 13.9 percent after a transfer of 976,355 units and Tropical Battery with 9.6 percent market share for 675,760 stock units.
Trading ended with an average of 184,925 units at $611,779 compared to 159,785 at $474,494 on Tuesday. The month to date average trade is 194,462 units at $568,878, compared to 195,107
units at $565,977 on Tuesday. October averaged trade was 230,868 units at $535,509.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading for the market shows seven stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and three with lower offers.
At the close of the market, Access Financial advanced 45 cents to $20.55 with an exchange of 6,753 shares, AMG Packaging slipped 1 cent to $1.59 with 71,448 stocks changing hands, Blue Power declined by 9 cents to $3.50 with 50 units traded. CAC 2000 jumped 80 cents to close at $10 with 1,000 stocks passing through the market, Cargo Handlers dropped 65 cents to $6.30 transferring 5,444 shares, Caribbean Assurance Brokers declined 15 cents to $1.75 with switching ownership of 43,718 units. Caribbean Cream declined by 19 cents in exchanging 93,302 stocks to finish at $3.81, Caribbean Producers gained 17 cents to close at $2.49 with 227,116 shares changing hands, Derrimon Trading lost 2 cents to settle at $2.38 with 20,761 units passing through the market. Dolphin Cove advanced 18 cents trading 2,368 stocks to end at $5.68, Elite Diagnostic dropped 20 cents to $3.10 in transferring 29,120 shares, Everything Fresh declined by 10 cents to 63 cents, in switching ownership of 165,878 units. Express Catering shed 67 cents to settle at $3.31 with an exchange of 89,040 stocks, Fontana climbed 30 cents to end at $5.38 with 149,049 units changing hands, General Accident gained 10 cents to finish at $6.20 with 62,300 shares traded. GWest Corporation rose 11 cents to close at 76 cents with 34,793 stocks passing through the market, iCreate lost 3 cents to settle at 59 cents with a transfer of 59,812 units, Indies Pharma increased 7 cents to $2.50, trading 89,073 shares. Iron Rock Insurance dropped 20 cents to finish at $2.80 with 31,000 stocks changing hands, Jamaican Teas exchanged 976,355 shares and climbed 20 cents to close at $6.70, Jetcon Corporation slipped 1 cent to 83 cents with 170,553 units passing through the market. Knutsford Express rose 5 cents to $6.70 with 1,000 shares traded, Lasco Financial gained 4 cents to end at $2.64 with a transfer of 10,000 stocks, Lasco Manufacturing fell 35 cents to $3.50 with investors switching ownership of 511,000 units.

Lumber Depot increased 8 cents to $1.29 with an exchange of 22,500 stocks, Mailpac Group rose 2 cents to $2.18 with 325,265 units changing hands, Medical Disposables dropped 27 cents to $3.93 with 33,581 shares traded. Paramount Trading increased by 2 cents to $1.32 with 30,000 stocks passing through the market, SSL Venture fell 1 cent to 57 cents with a transfer of  6,800 units, Stationery and Office Supplies slipped 5 cents to $4.50 with investors switching ownership of 25,843 shares. Tropical Battery exchanged 675,760 units and declined by 7 cents to $1.12 and tTech gained 3 cents to finish at $4.90 with 2,665 stocks crossing the exchange.

Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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