Junior Market recovers early July losses

Fontana’s Waterloo Road branch. The company’s stock traded at an all-time high of $7.25 on Wednesday.

The Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange rose on Wednesday with the market Index rising 31.02 points to close at 3,107.55 resulting in full recovery of the 90 points loss in first half of July.
The market closed still below the level reached in of 3,165.12 points the index closed at on the first day in July.  On Wednesday with 26 securities changing hands compared to 32 trading on Tuesday, and resulted in an exchange of 1,982,466 units valued at $6,630,174 compared to 2,823,887 units valued at $8,379,276 on Tuesday.
At the close of market activities, the prices of 13 securities advanced, 5 declined and 8 remained unchanged. Fontana jumped to a 52 weeks’ closing high of $7.15 and Consolidated Bakeries trading at an intraday low of $1.60.
Trading ended with an average of 76,249 units for an average of $255,007 in contrast to 88,246 units for an average of $261,852 on Tuesday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to 89,671 units with a value of $300,971 for each security traded, compared to 90,656 shares valued at $304,347 traded previously. June ended with an average of 166,169 units at $674,841 for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows 2 stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and 3 closed with lower offers.
Stocks ending with price changes| AMG Packaging dipped 13 cents in trading 16,652 units at $2.30, Caribbean Producers slipped 4 cents in trading of 27,414 units at $4.75, Consolidated Bakeries ended with a loss of 1 cent at $1.79 with 112,883 stock units changing hands, Everything Fresh ended trading with 52,714 shares, after rising 6 cents to end at $1.36. Elite Diagnostic climbed 5 cents and exchanged 228,566 shares at $4.85, Fosrich Group closed 4 cents higher at $5, with 209,864 stock units trading, Fontana gained $1.05 to end at a 52 weeks’ high of $7.15, trading 87,465 stock units, General Accident climbed 20 cents exchanging 6,688 shares to end at $4.10. Gwest Corporation gained 1 cent to end at 82 cents, in trading 284,451 shares, Honey Bun closed trading of 19,210 units and gained 5 cents to end at $6.05, iCreate ended trading with 127,464 shares, after rising 2 cents to end at 73 cents, Indies Pharma climbed 2 cents and exchanged 368,800 shares at $3.03. Jetcon Corporation traded 465 shares, after rising 19 cents to end at $1.89, KLE Group exchanged 20,000 shares, after rising 2 cents to end at $1.72, Lasco Financial lost 20 cents in trading 27,752 shares to close at $4.50. Main Event ended trading with 114,524 shares, after rising 30 cents to end at $6.70, Ironrock Insurance closed trading of 60,334 units with a gain of 15 cents to end at $3.50 and tTech declined 25 cents in trading of 1,811 units to close at $5.25.

Prices of securities trading for the day are those at which the last trade took place.

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