Fontana IPO set for heavy oversubscription

Fontana’s prospectus initial public offer, first mentioned by IC is now out but with confusion as to the pricing. The price  seems to be $1.88 except for reserved shares at $1.69 each.  
Whether the price is 1.88 or $2 the stock is price very attractively priced for investors at a PE that is well below that of the Junior Market that is will be listed on and is expected to be heavily oversubscribed. The general public have been allocated 113,434,802 shares at a PE ratio of just 6.4 times 2018 earnings, well below the market average of more than 15, but things get even better as the interim results to September this year show a huge jump in profit from $11.5 million to $51 million before tax, with sale revenues up just 5.5 percent to $936 million while cost of sales declined from $650 million to $640 million, thus improving gross profit margin. While revenues grew just 5.5 percent in the quarter administrative cost climbed faster by nearly 10 percent to $223 million. At the same time inventories rose 19 percent to $680 million over the levels at September 2017 and is up 15 percent from June 2018 figure, a development that requires clarification. The PE ratio based on the interim figures suggest that the PE will fall to around 6 or less for the 2019 fiscal year, with good prospects for continued growth in the business.
The Company, in March 2013 acquired the former Azmart location in Barbican Square, Kingston and opened its Ocho Rios location in November 2013. There has been significant growth in sales from these locations. Kingston and Ocho Rios branches now represent 27 percent and 16 percent of the total sales, respectively, the Company stated. Revenues from the Ocho Rios branch increased from $113 million in 2014 to $536 million in 2018, while revenues at the Kingston branch grew from $508 million in the 2014 fiscal year to $871 million in 2017 with growth slowing to 5 percent in financial year 2018.
The new Waterloo Square location which will open in financial year 2019, is expected to add 28,000 square feet of retail space, an increase of over 40 percent and bolster sales. It is expected that the Waterloo Square store will provide greater buying power to negotiate more favourable terms and rebates with key pharmaceutical partners on the local market. The company is seeking further opportunities to expand its branch network in the growing communities such as Montego Bay and Portmore. The anticipated increase in sales will provide greater critical mass to support the sourcing of higher volumes of inventory directly from China with greater margins.
The Company invites Applications for 124,937,565 Subscription Shares, which are to be newly issued. The Company is also inviting Applications on behalf of the Selling Shareholder for 124,937,400 shares. A total of 136,440,163 are shares that are initially reserved for priority applications. The minimum amount to be raised by the Company from the sale of the Subscription Shares is $234,040,086.
The Company was established in 1968 at the Manchester Shopping Centre in Mandeville by Shinque “Bobby” Chang and Angela Chang. Today, the Company is run by Kevin O’Brien Chang (Chairman), Anne Chang (Chief Executive Officer) and Raymond Therrien (Chief Operating Officer) with the support of the Independent Directors. The Company operates pharmacies and retail stores in Jamaica with 5 locations across the island and 330 employees. Its core business is the sale of pharmaceutical products through licensed pharmacies, and a range of beauty and cosmetic items, housewares, home décor, toys, baby items, electronic, school and souvenir products.
The Company recorded revenues of $3.4 billion in financial year 2018, representing an increase of $272 million or 8.66% over the prior year and an increase of approximately 91% from $1.76 billion in 2014. Pretax profit for 2018 declined 6 percent from $322 million in 2017 to $303 million after rising from $237 million in 2016 that was up more than 100 percent over the 2015 profit of $115 million. The slow down in 2018 is attributed to the state of emergency in Montego Bay and road construction in the Barbican area.
The stock has been accorded IC critical BUY RATED accolade.

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