Blowout Avengers US numbers

Avengers Endgame opens island wide in Jamaica on today (Friday) at all Palace Amusement cinemas and expected to be a blockbuster movie.
Report out of the United States quotes AMC Entertainment as saying, Disney’s Avengers: Endgame will show about 58,000 times this weekend at the company’s theaters to blow away the company’s previous weekend screening record by more than 10,000 showings.
AMC has put approximately 10 million seats on sale between Thursday night’s opening and Sunday night. The Avengers movie set an all-time record for Thursday night box office sales.
“With wildly enthusiastic critic and fan reviews, interest in Avengers: Endgame has continued to grow beyond even the most optimistic projections,” notes AMC.
In Jamaica, the movie that opens today will see patrons paying approximately 8 percent more to watch it and other movies than they would earlier in the month as Palace announced increased prices for movies effective April 26. Palace last increased prices around 4 percent effective July last year.

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