Big fall for Junior Market – Tuesday

Indies Pharma traded 2m shares on Tuesday.

Trading on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange ended on Tuesday with a sharp fall the market index of 45.69 points to close at 3,108.83 as the prices of 8 securities advanced, 12 declined and 8 remained unchanged.
Trading saw 28 securities changing hands compared to 27 on Monday, resulting in an exchange of 3,645,419 units valued at $11,521,269, compared to 3,202,720 units valued at $12,121,438 on Monday.
Trading ended with an average of 130,194 units for an average of $411,474 in contrast to 118,619 units for an average of $448,942 on Monday. The average volume and value for the month to date, amounts to 96,530 shares valued $346,767 and previously 91,113 shares valued $336,354. In contrast, the average trade in January was 2,245,428 units with a value of $7,372,574 for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows 7 stocks ended with higher bids than their last selling prices and 3 closing with lower offers.
t the close of the day’s activities, AMG Packaging ended with a loss of 15 cents at $2.35, with 120,000 stock units changing hands, Blue Power concluded trading of 15,300 units, with a loss of 80 cents at $5, CAC 2000 finished 20 cents higher at $12.60, trading just 100 shares. Caribbean Cream ended trading of 2,000 shares, with a loss of 10 cents to close at $5.85, Caribbean Producers finished trading of 17,450 units with a loss of 5 cents at $4.70, Derrimon Trading ended with a loss of 35 cents at $2.60, with 41,010 shares changing hands. Dolphin Cove concluded trading of 10,200 shares with a rise of 60 cents to $15.40, Everything Fresh finished with a loss of 1 cent at $1.60, with an exchange of 72,397 stock units, Elite Diagnostic settled with a loss of 19 cents at $3, in trading 53,414 units. Express Catering ended trading 17,236 shares, with a loss of 1 cent at $7.49, FosRich Group traded 67,552 shares with a loss of 29 cents at $3.70, Fontana finished trading at $3.70, with 557,982 shares changing hands, General Accident closed with a loss of 1 cent at $3.99, with an exchange of 271,129 stock units. GWest Corporation ended 20 cents higher at $1.31, with 29,675 units changing hands, Honey Bun concluded trading of 20,520 shares, at $3.70, Indies Pharma finished with a loss of 5 cents at $2.90, in exchanging 2,013,889 shares, Jamaican Teas  traded 17,000 units at $4, Jetcon Corporation  finished trading 6 cents higher at $3.25, in exchanging 25,475 shares. Knutsford Express  concluded trading of 996 stock units, with a rise of 20 cents to $12.70,  Lasco Distributors  closed 5 cents higher at $3.75, with 26,427 units trading, Lasco Financial  settled at $4.50, with an exchange of 47,259 shares, Lasco Manufacturing ended trading of 400 shares and rose 9 cents higher to $3.27. Main Event  traded 21,655 shares at $6,  Medical Disposables  finished trading 300 stock units with a loss of 90 cents to $5.60,  Paramount Trading  closed at $2.40, in an exchange of 25,500 units, SSL Venture Capital ended 1 cent higher at $1.95, with 1,000 shares changing hands and  Stationery and Office  concluded trading with 22,617 shares at $8.40. In the junior market preference segment, CAC 2000 closed at $1, with the trading of 146,936 shares.

Prices of securities trading for the day are those at which the last trade took place.


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