All Jamaica nears record 341,000 points

NCB Financial climbed to $99.80 and Jamaica Broilers at a record $30 after just after 11 on Friday morning and pushed the main market to a new record high, surpassing the record reached last week Friday.
At minutes after 11, the All Jamaican Composite Index jumped 2,522.73 points to a record 340,798.92 surpassing the record of 340,315.50 reached last Friday with the JSE Index rising 2,298.49 points to 310,506.28 versus a record 310,065.85 last week. . The Junior Market added 23.66 points to trade at 3,064.01. the main market rose further to 340,893.72 points on the All Jamaican Composite Index and the JSE Index climbed to 310,624.04 at 11:15 am.
Carreras traded 612.643 shares at $9.20 and NCB Financial traded 274,733 units and now trades at $95. In the Junior Market C2W Music traded at a 52 weeks’ high of $1.70.

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