Trading rises on Junior Market but prices fall

Trading picked up on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Wednesday, but the market value slipped after the volume of stocks traded rose 24 percent and the value 26 percent more than on Tuesday following trading in 45 securities compared with 44 on Tuesday and ended with nine rising, 24 declining and 12 closing unchanged.
Investors traded 10,202,465 shares for $28,165,787 up from 8,256,705 units at $22,347,499 on Tuesday.
Trading averaged 226,721 shares at $625,906, compared to 187,652 shares at $507,898 on Tuesday with the month to date, averaging 494,951 units at $1,001,159 compared to 508,761 stock units at $1,020,480 on the previous day. February closed with an average of 318,024 units at $782,332.
Fosrich led trading with 2.82 million shares for 27.6 percent of total volume followed by Spur Tree Spices with 2.17 million units for 21.3 percent of the day’s trade and MFS Capital Partners with 792,425 units for 7.8 percent market share.
At the close, the Junior Market Index slipped 15.98 points to close at 3,678.38.
The PE Ratio, a measure of computing appropriate stock values, averages 10.9. The PE ratios of Junior Market stocks are computed based on the last traded stock price in conjunction with’s projected earnings for the financial years ending between November 2022 and August 2023.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows six stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and three with lower offers.
At the close, CAC 2000 fell $1.10 to $7.10 after trading 973 shares, Cargo Handlers rose 49 cents to $13.50 with investors transferring 10 stocks, Consolidated Bakeries shed 18 cents to end at $2.01 in switching ownership of 726 stock units. Dolla Financial declined 12 cents after ending at $2.66 with a transfer of 596,131 units, Dolphin Cove climbed 30 cents to close at $15 while exchanging 200 stock units, Everything Fresh dipped 11 cents to close at $1.45 as investors exchanged 2,104 units. Future Energy Source lost 12 cents to end at $4.35 with 497,865 shares crossing the exchange, General Accident dropped 35 cents to close at $4.70, with 5,150 stocks changing hands, ISP Finance declined $5.56 in closing at $20 after a transfer of 3,028 units. Jamaican Teas popped 13 cents to end at $2.29 with an exchange of 13,870 stock units, Knutsford Express rallied $1.33 to close at $11.33 with the swapping of 69,943 stocks, Lasco Distributors dropped 23 cents to $2.45 in an exchange of 13,792 shares. Lasco Manufacturing dipped 15 cents after ending at $4 and an exchange of 7,155 stocks, Limners and Bards lost 26 cents in closing at $2.25 after trading 6,624 shares, Main Event shed 15 cents to land at $12.10 in an exchange of 19,599 units. MFS Capital Partners fell 14 cents to end at $3.31 as 792,425 stock units passed through the market, Paramount Trading rose 19 cents to close at $2.34 after exchanging 545 units and tTech lost 30 cents in closing at a 52 weeks’ low of $2, with 117,880 shares crossing the market.
Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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