Tourism arrivals jump again

Stopover arrivals in April 2021 were 82,702, up some 12 percent over March this year, with 81,114 of them coming from the United States, the Jamaica Tourist Board reports, there were no arrivals for April last year.

Growth in tourism expected in 2021

The April arrivals represent a fall of 77 percent compared to April 2019, with 366,425 stopover visitors. The trend for 2021 is positive, with arrivals in February in line with January, but February, a shorter month, is qualitatively better than January. March exceeded February by 68 percent and Aril is ahead of March by 12 percent. For the January to April period, arrivals decreased by 57.5 percent, with 243,977 stopovers last year but are 330,154 less than the 574,131 stopovers coming in 2020.
Airport traffic data indicates that May will see the highest monthly influx of visitors, with 120,000 stopover arrivals for the first time since March 2020.
The numbers are set to rise even more for the summer months, with some hotels turning away visitors being fully booked out.

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