TOP 10 stocks – Watch FosRich on Tuesday

With the Initial Public offerings (IPOS) out of the way, more life returned to the secondary market this past week resulting in some changes to the TOP 10 lists.
Initial Public offerings for 2017 now seem to be over until they reappear in January, with Sygnus Capital Investments planning to be out of the block early. Others that were prepared to go in December could come to market in January, the start of what now appears to be another interesting year for local stocks. Coming Tuesday in the wider market, FosRich Group, the recent IPO will list and start trading on the Junior Market.
Prior to the past week, the focus on IPOs negatively affected trading in the secondary market with the Junior Market giving up almost all the gains make in the first half of the year and is still trading close to the low for the year.
The past week ended with Main Event as the only new entrant into the TOP 10 Junior Market stocks, with Blue Power leaving, as the price rose back to the $44. Sagicor Group returns to the Main Market list pushing out Pulse Investments. Interestingly, General Accident jumped to $3 by week end with limited supplies and slipped to number 2 on the list.
Investors should bear in mind that as the year closes, there will be changes to the TOP list for 2018, with a number on the current list, expected to repeat, but there will be new ones.
At the close of Friday, the average PE ratio for Junior Market Top stocks ended at 8.1 and a PE of 8.2 for the main market TOP 10. The average PE for the overall main market is 14.2 and 12.8 for the Junior Market, based on 2017 estimated earnings.
IC’s TOP 10 stocks now trade at an average discount of 36 percent to the average of the market for Junior Market Top stocks and 44 percent for the main market.
Market Watch| The two markets seem to have found support this past week after retreating sharply over the prior two weeks. Investors should still keep a keen eye on Caribbean Cement for which supply seems to be declining fast and a focus on refinancing leased assets is expected to result in major savings in cost for 2018 onwards. FosRich, the recent IPO that starts trading on the Junior Market on Tuesday, General Accident, Cable & Wireless that appears scarce under $1, NCB Financial, Berger Paints, JMMB Group, Main Event, Lasco Financial, Paramount Trading and Stationery and Office.

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