The boom continues

Net remittance inflows for January this year jumped a massive 39 percent or US$63 million above the January 2020 inflows to US$224.4 million, data from Bank of Jamaica shows.
The sharp increase follows from the strong rise seen since May last year when inflows grew 41.6 percent, with the remaining months of the year increasing over thirty percent, except November that grew by 19 percent. For January this year, gross remittance inflows grew 32.7 percent or US$59.4 million to US$241 million. The trends suggest that the country could see earnings from this are exceeding US$3 billion for the first time, having grossed US$2.9 billion in 2020 and increased by US$500 million or 21 percent. According to data out of Jamaica’s central bank from 2013 up to 2019, remittance inflows have grown by an average of US$57 million per annum or 3%. The year with the highest increase was 2014 when a four percent rise delivered provided the country with a $92 million increased inflows and the year with the lowest increase was 2017 with an increase of just $14 million for a one percent rise.

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