TBill rates drop to 1.55%

Rates on Government of Jamaica Treasury bill dropped to 1.55 percent on the 30 days instrument in the latest issue auctioned on Wednesday, October 16.
The fall in rates follows applications for $2.2 billion of the Government of Jamaica Treasury Bills on offer and resulted in a notable fall in the average rates compared to the results at the September auction.
The October auction attracted $5.9 billion in bids, resulting in the 91 days instrument due January 2020, yielding an average rate of 1.54966 percent. The 182 days instrument due April 2020, produced an average rate of 1.64864 percent and the 273 days due July 2020, averaged 1.80915 percent.
In September auction resulted in an average yield of 1.74141 percent for the 91 days Instrument and 1.75085 percent for the 182 days with $4.6 billion chasing the $1.4 billion on offer. The previous 273 Treasury bill average yield was 2.00534 percent in August.
In October 2018, yields on the 182 days Treasury bill averaged 1.88 percent, then rose to 2.32 percent at the February 2019 auction and started to decline at the next auction in March.
Rates have fallen from 9.12 percent in December 2012 and 9.11 percent in March 2014 and are well below the lowest rates on record. The trend suggests that rates seem poised to fall further.

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