2020 another big year for JSE

It has been boom times at the Jamaica Stock Exchange these days with rising prices and increasing listings. That is in stark contrast only a few years ago when the Jamaica Stock Exchange suffered a contraction in listings when some companies that were acquired or merged.
The market lost companies such as Cable and Wireless, Lascelles de Mercado, Courts, Capital and Credit Merchant Bank, Scotia Investments, Desnoes and Geddes, First Life and Pan Caribbean Bank. In addition to these local companies, a few Trinidad and Barbados companies delisted. The advent of the Junior Market saved the day for the exchange in bringing new listings but, more importantly, telegraphed that listing on the market could raise good money for the companies and was not harmful to management as many thought to be the case in the past. In short, there has been a considerable revolution in the concept of going to market, especially with the younger cadre’ of management now running businesses.
The change in the thinking of the business sector is leading to two significant years for listings with the JSE expecting 18 new listings of ordinary shares in 2020. Managing Director of the JSE, Marlene Street-Forrest confirmed the projections with the IC Insider.com. “The 2020 listings are compiled from feedback the exchange obtained from brokers. The list is split equally between Main Market and Junior Market stocks,” Street Forrest confirmed to this publication.
At the start of this year, the JSE projected to have 20 new listings, so far they have listed 12, but Street-Forrest expects new listings to hit 19 or 20 by the end of the year including a listing of a Canadian company that will come to the market by way of an introduction. By contrast, the exchange is said to have had just eight (8) new listings in 2018. The new listings for 2019 include MailPac Group that the exchange said is set to list on Wednesday. Lumber Depot could start trading before the end of the week word reaching IC Insider.com suggests. In addition to the above two, Sagicor Select Fund is expected to list before the end of the year. For 2019 to date, there are eight (8) new Main Market and four (4) new Junior Market listings, including one preference share and Margaritaville share that was listed in the regular market, in addition to being previously quoted in the US dollar market. The recent IPOS will lift the total to 15 for the year. Some of the 2020 listings should include First Rock Capital Holdings with its prospectus said to be at the Financial Services Commission, TransJamaica Highway, Jamaica Mortgage Bank and Jamaica Public Service Company.
While the new listings will provide more choices for investors, it is also expected to add to the Stock Exchange revenues and profit in 2020 and beyond.

Fontana allocation varies from prospectus

The Fontana prospectus state that multiple applications by any person whether in individual or joint names will be treated as a single application, but the information included in the brokers release regarding allocation seems at variance with this.
The brokers indicated that, “multiple applications from a single person or entity were removed except where they were entitled to apply for shares in a reserved and the public pool. Once that process was completed, 2,770 applications remained for 944,150,335 shares”.
It would appear that had the allocation been done in conformity with the terms of the prospectus, the number of shares applied for would still remain at 982,194,569. All multiple applications are to be merged to be one, as such investors

Fontana Waterloo Road

in the public pool should be allocated differently than what has been announced.
Contracts once consummated, are expected to be adhered to, accordingly, the terms set out in the Fontana prospectus, need to be satisfied as far as allocation of the shares are concerned.
The broker needs to explain to the public if in fact the allocation for the public pool is in keeping with the terms set out on page 14 of the prospectus and if not why not and what will be done to comply with the terms that investors signed on for. It appears that the brokers are trying to unilaterally vary the contract that investors signed on to and they cannot do that.

Fontana IPO closed

The Fontana Initial Public Offer for 250 million shares to raised $468 million is oversubscribed and was closed shortly after 9 am today.
The issue which was scheduled to open on Thursday December 13 but and slated to close on 20 December 2018 but heavy demand for the issue forced an early closure. IC insider.com gathers that two brokerage houses delivered around 1,400 applications last night. Up to 1 PM on Thursday, staff at Scotia Investments were still sorting out applications that came in ahead of the closing time. With an historical PE ratio of just over 6 times earnings and around 5.4 times current years estimated earnings the price of the stock is expected to jump sharply after listing. With the plans the company has for expansion the company should enjoy strong growth in profit and stock price for a number of years.

9 new IPOs for 2018

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Last year (2017), was a great year for Jamaican stocks with prices of several stocks more than doubling on the Jamaican Stock Exchange and 10 new companies listing on the exchange.
2018 seems poised to be another year for a number of new issues on the market as business owners take advantage of a buoyant market for equity investments.
The local market should have new 9 issues, Marlene Streete-Forrest, the JSE Managing Director confirmed. Streete-Forrest expects that 5 issues will list on the Junior Market and 4 for the main market. New financial entity Sygnus Capital is said to be heading to the public in January. Other listings expected shortly are Caribbean Insurance Brokers, NevEast and Elite Diagnostics. University College of the Caribbean with its main operations in Kingston, Jamaica, is expected to be the first educational institution to seek to list on the stock exchange. The listing is expected to take place in the first quarter of 2018. Mayberry Investment is also expected to bring their subsidiary, Mayberry West Indies to market by February.
In 2017, the Jamaica Stock Exchange had 10 new companies listing on the exchange, including 2 new companies listing preference shares. Two new listings were on the main market one on the US dollar market and 5 on the Junior Market.
Scotia Investments, Trinidad Cement, Montego Bay Ice and Margaritaville preference share were delisted during the year.

Stinking Berger behaviour

There are some strange and shocking developments regarding the offer by Ansa Coatings International to purchase the minority shares in Berger Paints Jamaica.
First the directors in recommending that shareholders accept the offer made critical claims that are not back up by facts and they offer no information to support same. Secondly, the shares have been suspended in questionable manner and without adequate reasons.
The directors in recommending that shareholders accept the offer said,” in your directors view, it is highly likely that acceptance of the offer will take the aggregate holdings of ACI beyond 80 percent. Under the rules of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, where one shareholder either individually or collectively with concert parties holds more than 80 percent of the listed shares of a company, the stock exchange has the right to de-list such company. In fact the offeror has made it clear its intention to delist the Berger Shares.” The directors’ recommendation goes on to quote ACI statement that they will seek delisting if they acquire an additional 29 percent of the shares. “It is therefore clear that Berger Jamaica shares will in all probability be delisted from the JSE,” the directors’ statement concluded.
According to the directors, Ansa Coatings International controls 51.01 percent of the issued Berger Jamaica’s shares and as a result of this Offer, its holding will most likely exceed 75 percent.
It seems that for the recommendation to shareholders to be substantially based on the “highly likely that acceptance” taking the holdings of ACI beyond 80 percent and most likely exceed 75 percent, is highly flawed. Where did the directors get that information from and why did they not disclose the source in the recommendation. Why they did not think it appropriate to disclose the interim results figures up to August in the report?
At $10.88 per share, Berger is priced at 5 times the current years’ earnings against more than 13 for the main market, on what basis could it be regarded as a fair price?
The situation gets more curious and raises a huge question, is someone is trying to manipulate shareholders in giving away their shares at less than a fair price? That is the only conclusion to be arrived at, when without notice, the shares of Berger were without notice, suspended by the Jamaica Stock Exchange on Thursday, October 5, 2017 and is to remain suspended to Friday, October 13, 2017. According to a release late on Thursday, “this is to facilitate the processing of the transaction in respect to shareholders of the Company who have agreed to sell their shares to Asna Coating, as a part of their Takeover Bid of Berger.” That of course is a load of crap. Trading shares of Desnoes and Geddes a much bigger company was never suspended when Heineken acquired the minority shares in 2016, Hardware and Lumber shares were never suspended either, nor was Scotia Investments’ in Scotia Group’s recent acquisition of the minority shares. Why is there a need to prevent Berger shareholders who want to trade the shares if they so desire? Worse why is there need to suspend it beyond Monday?
The capital market cannot prosper as well as it should if the above abuses continue to take place without corrective action being taken. The Jamaica Stock Exchange and the Financial Services Commission should have intervened when the directors’ recommendation included information that was not backed up by facts and should have intervened and prevented the unwarranted suspension of trading in the company’s shares.

Main market climbs higher on Thursday

The Main Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange closed at a new record high on Thursday, as the JSE All Jamaican Composite Index rose 516.81 points to record close of 295,611.68 and the JSE Index advancing 470.87 points to a record close at 269,335.73.
A total of 21 securities changed hands in the main market, with, 8 advancing, 5 declining with 3,821,978 units valued at $54,648,279. The JSE US Dollar Equities Index advanced 1.65 points to close at 186.63 with 1,000 units trading, valued at US$598.
In the market activity, volume and prices quoted are amounts traded for the day at the last trading price. In the main activity, Cable & Wireless ended trading 1 cent higher at $1, with 640,469 stock units, Caribbean Cement dropped $2.59 to $26.01, with just 400 units, Carreras traded 542,284 shares, to close at $12. Grace Kennedy fell 45 cents to end at $43, with 49,438 shares, Jamaica Broilers traded 49 cents higher at $18.99, with 6,020 stock units. Jamaica Producers settled with a loss of $1 at $15, with 93,586 shares, Jamaica Stock Exchange traded with a loss of 20 cents at $7.60, with 1,739 stock units, JMMB Group closed $2.50 higher at a record close of $25, with 371,074 shares. Kingston Properties traded with a loss of 20 cents at $7.20, with 1,400 stock units, Kingston Wharves concluded trading at $31.50, with 4,080 units. 1834 Investments concluded trading at $1.38, with 1,843 shares, PanJam Investment settled $2.15 higher at $44, with 5,905 stock units, Radio Jamaica settled at $1.15, with 2,500 shares, Sagicor Group settled 3 cents higher at $34.53, with 23,475 stock units, Sagicor Real Estate Fund ended at $13.08, with 300 units changing hands. Salada Foods finished at $8.50, with 10,000 stock units, Scotia Group ended trading $1.98 higher at $50.98, with 185,115 stock units, Seprod traded $1.95 higher at $30, with 13,026 shares and Supreme Ventures ended with a loss of $1 at $11, with 1,783,545 shares.
In the main market preference segment, Sagicor Bank A shares closed at $1.05, with 23,000 units changing hands and in the US dollar segment Productive Business ordinary share traded 1,000 units at 58 US cents.

JSE All Jamaican jumps to 291,661 points

JSE Index surged by 3,007.04 points to close at 265,736.18 with 13,618,629 units valued at $432,506,372 changing hands in the main market, compared to 5,005,392 units valued at 111,349,381 on Friday. In the US dollar market JSE US dollar Equity Index dipped 8.15 points to 176.81.
Trading accounted for 5,120 units valued at US$2,124 and brings the total for the markets to J$432,780,357.
Trading ended with an average of 504,394 units for an average of $16,018,755 in contrast to 217,626 units for an average of $4,841,277 on Friday. September closed with average of 283,480 units valued at $3,630,990 for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading in the main and US dollar markets, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows a very strong 7 stocks with bids higher than their last selling prices, down from 14 on Friday and 4 with lower offers, the same as Friday.
Scotia Investments has been delisted with Scotia Group set to pay out minority shareholders the proceeds of the acquisition on October 3.

JSE stocks up 37% for 2017

The main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange made strong gains in the indices at the close of the week and for September, leading to gains of 37 percent for the year to date.
Trading on Friday was dominated by Berger Paints, jumping $3.57 to $15 at the close and Scotia Group rising $2.89 to end at $48, while Jamaica Producers traded 1.57 million units to be the leading trade.
Market activity ended with 21 securities changing hands, 13 advanced, 8 declined and 2 traded firm at the last prices of the day, while 1 traded in the US dollar market.
In the main activity, Berger Paints closed $3.57 higher at $15, with 27,167 units, Cable & Wireless ended 9 cents higher at $1.10, with 558,054 stock units, Caribbean Cement ended trading with a loss of $1.20 at $27.30, with 126,250 stock units, Carreras closed with a loss of 35 cents at $12.15, with 376,643 shares, Grace Kennedy ended 40 cents higher at $43, with 88,357 units, Jamaica Broilers concluded trading 60 cents higher at $18.60, with 64,504 units, Jamaica Producers ended 40 cents higher at $15.50, with 1,574,959 stock units changing hands. Jamaica Stock Exchange finished with a rise of 50 cents at $7.50, with 115,657 shares, JMMB Group traded with a loss of 11 cents at $22.25, with 495,589 stock units trading, Kingston Properties gained 40 cents to $7.40, with 5,000 units, Kingston Wharves concluded trading with a loss of 1 cent at $32, with 19,250 stock units, Mayberry Investments settled 70 cents higher at $4.80, with 204,020 shares, NCB Financial Group had 542,955 shares changing hands after rising $1.20 to end at $88. 138 Student Living settled 5 cents higher at $4.80, with 200 stock units, PanJam Investment finished at $41, with 34,989 shares, Portland JSX traded 5 cents higher at $9.30, with 6,385 shares, Radio Jamaica ended with a loss of 1 cent at $1.11, with 421,563 stock units. Sagicor Group ended 48 cents higher at $34.53, with 233,535 units. Sagicor Real Estate Fund closed with a loss of 30 cents at $13.50, with 43,815 units, Salada Foods concluded trading at $8.50, with 7,400 shares, Scotia Group jumped $2.89 to $48, with 46,200 stock units, Seprod settled with a loss of $1 at $30, with 3,000 stock units and Supreme Ventures closed with a loss of 30 cents at $10.51, with 9,900 shares trading.
There was no trading in the main market preference segment, on Friday.
In the US dollar market, Proven Investments US ordinary share closed at 23.99 US cents, while exchanging 30,490 units.

TTSE trading drops sharply – Friday

The Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange closed on Friday with 11 securities changing hands compared to 13 on Thursday with just 83,803 shares traded at $1,209,765 compared to Wednesday’s 230,908 units valued at $2,243,148.
At the close, 6 stocks advanced, 1 declined and 4 were unchanged as the Composite Index advanced 3.33 points to 1,241.60 and is up marginally for September but up 2.65 percent for the year to date. The All T&T Index rose 0.56 points to 1,782.18 but is down from 1,791.21 at the start of the month to close the month 2.84 percent down from the start of 2-017. The Cross Listed Index gained 0.84 points to close at 94.18 leading to a gain for the month of 1.41 points and is up 20.48 percent for the year to date.
IC bid-offer Indicator| The Investor’s Choice bid-offer ended with 4 stocks with bids higher than last selling prices and 7 with lower offers.
Gains| The last traded prices of the securities rising and volume changing hands are Clico Investment gained 1 cent to close at $21.51 trading 5,518 shares, First Citizens closed at $32, with gains of 25 cents exchanging 6,292 shares, Republic Financial Holdings gained 11 cents to $101.90 with 1,395 units and Sagicor Financial trading 14 cents higher at $8.15 with 1,667 units. Scotiabank rose 1 cent to $58.06 with 6,298 shares valued at $365,728 changing hands and Scotia Investments closed 5 cents higher at $2.30 exchanging 8,990 shares.
Losses| West Indian Tobacco lost 4 cents to settle at a 2 weeks’ low of $124.96 with 240 units changing hands.
Firm Trades| The securities remaining unchanged at last prices trades occurred and volume of changing hands in the market are First Caribbean International Bank that closed at $8.10 with 1,500 units, NCB Financial trading 45,387 shares at $5.10, Trinidad Cementexchanging 4,066 units at $4.20 and Trinidad & Tobago NGL that ended at $23 with 2,540 units.

50% of trade goes to JMMB

JMMB Group accounted for half of the shares that traded on Wednesday.

The narrow difference between winners and losers continued on Wednesday with 11 securities rising an 8 declining out of 27 that traded, leading the market indices to record small gains around 100 points. JMMB Group traded 2.4 million units out of a total of 4.8 million units traded on Wednesday.
In the market activity, securities trading and volume exchanged at the last price trades took place at are, Berger Paints that closed with a loss of 10 cents at $11.40, trading 67,562 units, elsewhere, Cable & Wireless closed 5 cents higher at $1.05, with 149,655 units, Caribbean Cement settled $2 higher at $27.50, with just 100 stocks, Carreras closed with a loss of 50 cents at $12, with 347,667 stocks changing hands, Ciboney traded with a loss of 1 cents at a 52 weeks’ low of 15 cents, with 4,400 shares changing hands, Grace Kennedy finished with a loss of 20 cents at $42.50, with 18,567 units, Jamaica Broilers ended with a loss of 20 cents at $17.30, with 4,738 stock units, Jamaica Producers settled 50 cents higher at $15, with 810,000 shares trading. Jamaica Stock Exchange traded with a loss of 1 cent at $6.45, with 50,000 units, JMMB Group concluded trading with a gain of 39 cents to $22.89, with 2,406,969 stocks trading, Kingston Properties traded 20 cents higher at $7, with 4,758 stocks changing hands, Kingston Wharves finished 25 cents higher at $30.99, with 220,309 units. Mayberry Investments ended at $4.10, with 63,200 units, NCB Financial had a 145,037 shares trading with a rise of 50 cents to close at $88, 1834 Investments finished at $1.40, with 240 units, PanJam Investment ended 91 cents higher at $35.91, with 10,620 shares changing hands, Pulse Investments traded with a loss of 10 cents at $1.70, trading 55,000 units, Radio Jamaica finished at $1.12, with 23,555 shares, Sagicor Group traded at $34.25, with 106,100 units changing hands, Sagicor Real Estate Fund traded at $12.05, with 8,938 shares, Scotia Group settled 91 cents higher at $45.01 trading 44,431 units and closed with the bid at $48 to buy500 units. Scotia Investments concluded trading at $35.50, with 6,160 stock units, Seprod lost $3 to close at $30, with 32,196 shares and Supreme Ventures settled 10 cents higher at $11.10, with 55,577 units changing hands.
In the main market preference segment, Jamaica Money Market Brokers finished at $2.08, with 83,093 units trading.
In the US dollar market, Productive Business Solution US ordinary share closed at 65 US cents while trading 1,595 units, Proven Investments US ordinary share closed at 23.99 US cents, after rising 0.99 US cent, exchanging 83,638 units, while NCB Financial had a new listing of a US dollar bond, carrying a coupon rate of 6 percent, but no trades were executed.