JSE main market drops again – Tuesday

The Jamaica Stock Exchange main market dropped again on Tuesday, following declines on Monday with falling stocks just edging out advancing stocks, by one.
The market ended, with 39 securities trading in the main and US dollar markets, leading to 15 securities advancing, 16 declining and 8 trading firm, compared to 38 securities trading on Monday.
At the close, the All Jamaican Composite Index dropped 1,796.97 points to close at 573,936.41, the JSE Index fell 1,629.91 to 522,536.94 and the JSE Financial Index edged low by 0.21 point to end at 142.71.
Market activity ended with, 26,222,630 units valued at $112,910,151 in contrast to 30,106,418 units valued at $132,142,235 crossing the main market on Monday.
Sagicor Select Fund was the leading traded stock with 12.8 million shares accounting for 49 percent of total volume, Wigton Windfarm followed with 9.2 million units accounting for 35 percent of the day’s trade and JMMB Group 7.5% preference share with 1.2 million shares for 5 percent of the main market’s volume.
Trading closed with an average 690,069 units valued at an average of $2,971,320 for each security traded. In contrast to 813,687 units for an average of $3,571,412 on Monday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to 1,910,982 units valued at $10,894,008 and previously 1,987,289 units valued at$11,420,340 for each security traded. July closed with an average of 1,297,718 shares at $17,985,644 for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows 8  stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices and 5 with lower offers.
In the main market activity, Barita Investments declined 75 cents in trading 11,303 units at $74, Caribbean Cement dipped $4.99 trading of 6,577 units to close at $85, Carreras climbed 65 cents in exchanging 19,796 shares to end at $8.75, Eppley closed trading of 650 units and gained 55 cents to end at $16.95. Grace Kennedy lost 25 cents trading 410,712 units to close at $69.75, Jamaica Broilers shed 85 cents in trading 127,245 shares to close at $34.15, JMMB Group declined 50 cents in trading of 130,430 units to settle at $51.50. Jamaica Producers closed with a loss of $2 at $24, after swapping 39,956 shares, Kingston Wharves ended market activity exchanging 10,795 shares to close at $63 after falling $6. Mayberry Investments climbed 38 cents and exchanged 182,339 shares to close at $9.40, MPC Caribbean gained $1 to end at $127 with 240 stock units changing hands, NCB Financial declined by $1.99 to settle at $215, in trading of 67,548 units, PanJam Investment lost $2.10 in trading 36,278 shares to end at $103. Portland JSX dipped 50 cents in trading of 15,000 units to settle at $7, Proven Investments gained $2.99 to end at $39.99 trading 2,933 shares. Pulse Investments climbed 34 cents and exchanged 5,604 shares to end at $3.59, Radio Jamaica closed 21 cents higher to close at a 52 weeks’ high of $1.90 with 260,019 stock units trading, Sagicor Real closed trading of 18,700 units and gained 35 cents to end at $11.50. Scotia Group gained $1 to end at $56, trading 17,018 shares, Supreme Ventures fell 95 cents in trading of 75,094 units to settle at $26, Sygnus Credit ended trading with 68,531 shares, after rising 77 cents to end at $23.85 and Wisynco Group closed trading of 268,339 units and gained 65 cents to end at $24.50.
Trading in the US securities market resulted in 20,663 units valued at US$5,288 changing hands with Proven Investments concluding trading of 20,663 shares to settle at 26 US cents leading the JSE USD Equities Index to lose 1.55 points to close at 190.56.

JSE major index jumps – Friday

The ongoing see saw trading pattern of the Jamaica Stock Exchange continued on Friday with the market indices making sizable gains after a big falls on Thursday.
At the close, the main and US markets had 32 securities traded, compared to 33 on Thursday leading to 14 advancing, 7 declining and 12 closing unchanged. The market closed with the All Jamaican Composite Index 3,765.48 points to 425,884.16 and the JSE Index advanced by 3,419.95 points to 388,005.75.
Market activity on the main market ended with 4,427,445 units valued $384,592,987 changing hands, compared to 17,912,213 units valued $156,798,185 units trading on Thursday.
MPC Caribbean Clean Energy led trading with 2.69 million shares, accounting for 61 percent of total main market volume, followed by Carreras with 817,258 units and 18.5 percent of the day’s trades and Wisynco Group with 264,825 units for 6 percent of volume traded.
Market activity ended with an average of 147,582 units valued at $12,819,766, in contrast to 597,074 shares valued at $5,226,606 on Thursday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to 158,599 shares at $3,037,176 for each security, compared to 159,231 shares at $2,439,461 previously. Trading for March resulted in an average of 438,501 shares at $9,851,307, for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator|The Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator ended with the reading showing 9 stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices and just 4 closing with lower offers.
In main market activity, Barita Investments fell 90 cents to close at $42, with an exchange of 5,700 shares, Caribbean Cement rose 61 cents to $64.12 with 17,700 shares changing hands, Jamaica Broilers climbed $2 in exchanging 22,080 units to end at $32, Jamaica Producers declined 50 cents to close at $21.50, after trading 38,562 stock units. Jamaica Stock Exchange gained 30 cents and ended at $17.50, trading 97,043 shares, Kingston Wharves jumped $3 to settle at $71, trading 6,989 units, Mayberry Equities rose 60 cents to end trading of 43,242 shares at $9.80, Palace Amusement  climbed $50 to close at $1,300 with 100 stock units changing hands. Sagicor Group jumped $4.03 to end at $44 in an exchange of 13,544 shares, Sagicor Real Estate Fund  added 44 cents to end at $9.10, trading just 60,018 shares, Seprod rose $1.45 and closed at $43.45, trading 6,934 shares and Stanley Motta gained 33 cents and ended at $4.55, with an exchange of 10,448 shares.
Trading in the US dollar market ended with 83,732 shares trading with a value of US$10,226. Proven Investments  closed at 23 US cents, with an exchange of 13,000 shares and Sygnus Credit Investments ended trading of 70,732 units at 10 US cents. The JSE USD Equities Index fell 1.87 points to close at 177.64.

Equityline the latest JSE IPO

Equityline Mortgage Investment Corporation a Canadian company is the latest company offering shares to the public to take up. MPC Caribbean Clean Energy IPO to raise US$50 million is currently opened with a price per share of J$130 or US$1 in the Trinidad market.
Equityline is issuing up to 5 million Series A preferred shares to raise US$10 million at a price of US$2 per share. With the opening of the issue set from December 10, 2018 and scheduled to close on December 31.
If the Invitation is successful in raising at the minimum capital of 2,500,000 shares is met, the shares will be listed on the Jamaica stock exchange. If fully subscribed to, US$9.4 million of the proceeds will be used to acquire a portfolio of mortgages.
The Corporation has specifically targeted investments in mortgages where the yield and other fees generated will enable it to pay out a cumulative monthly dividend at a rate of 8% per annum on the shares. For each fiscal year ending December, the Corporation intends to pay a surplus special dividend equal to the taxable income for that fiscal year and capital gains dividends equal to the Corporation’s taxable capital gains for that fiscal year, less dividends previously paid.
The Corporation was incorporated in January 2018 under the Business Corporations Act (Ontario) with the intention of qualifying as a mortgage investment corporation under the Income Tax Act (Canada). The Corporation has not undertaken any commercial activity since incorporation.
The principals behind the Corporation have a history of operating in the mortgage lending business in Ontario. The Manager believes that it has a specialized skill set in this sector of the mortgage lending market, and therefore has established the Corporation for the purpose of bringing those business skills to the public. The Corporation focuses its investments primarily in urban markets and their surrounding areas, which the Corporation believes are typically more liquid and provide less volatile security for mortgage loans. The Corporation focuses its investment in Ontario, however, the Corporation’s Asset Allocation Model permits the Corporation to invest in mortgages across Canada if the Manager deems it to be advisable. The Corporation intends to further grow its portfolio by periodically raising capital through equity offerings and using the proceeds of such offerings to fund additional mortgages generated through the Manager or other sources. As a MIC, when calculating its income tax payable in Canada, the Corporation may deduct dividends that are paid from income to reduce corporate income tax. The Corporation intends to pay out all of its net income and net realized capital gains as dividends with the result that the Corporation will not pay any income tax. To reduce its tax owing to zero, the Corporation may pay surplus dividends, after payment of all dividends on any Preferred Shares, at the end of the fiscal year. Taxable dividends, other than capital gains dividends, are treated as interest income to Shareholders for Canadian tax purposes.
Both IPO offers are more aligned with persons looking for income than for capital appreciation, the same could also be true for other energy based entities to come that have no expansion plans that will be funded by internally generated or borrowed funds.

MPC Caribbean Clean Energy next IPO

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MPC Caribbean Clean Energy ltd is a Caribbean-based investment company set to be the next Initial Public offer in Jamaica and Trinidad simultaneously in early December.
The company is being sponsored by German based MPC Capital that is publicly listed since 2000 with a market capitalization of €158 million.
Trinidad regulators have already signed off on the prospectus while the draft prospectus is now going through the FSC in Jamaica, Martin Vogt, managing director of MPC capital advised IC insider.com.
The company was established in 2017 with the clear vision to invest in renewable energy projects in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean region through the MPC Caribbean Clean Energy Fund LLC. The listed company will be just an investing vehicle, with capital raised to be invested through MPC Caribbean Clean Energy Fund LLC, the entity investing directly in the projects.
The company will seek to raise at least US$50 million in the Jamaican and Trinidad markets with the IPO expected to debut around the first week in December. Brokers for the issue are JN Fund Managers.
The Company is registered in Barbados and was established by the clean energy investment specialist MPC Renewable Energies (MPC), a 100% subsidiary of the publicly listed German asset and investment manager MPC Capital, based on its extensive renewable energy experience worldwide and after research and analysis of the Caribbean market.

JPS has signed an agreement to purchase power from the company at 8.5 US cents per KWH.

The initial investment in Jamaica is “Paradise Park”, a 50 MW solar park in Westmoreland with a capital outlay of US$64 million. Once completed by May 2019, the solar park will be the largest photovoltaic power plant in the island. Vogt told IC Insider.com that they have a 20 years power supply contract with JPS. The company also has a 21 MW wind power plant in Costa Rica that has been in operations since 2015 and is profitable. Importantly, the Jamaican operation which is now being built out will have a rated capacity of 50 MWH.
The plan is to raise around US$200 million for investment in the region’s renewables. According Vogt, the Jamaican government is expected to open the market in 2019 for bids for 150 MW renewable supply and the company is planning to bid for another 50 MW to add to the Paradise Park operation. If the bid is successful the expansion will result in some amount of economy of scale in the operation.
The is likely to invest in the Wigton Wind Farm when that company goes public in the first quarter of 2019.
The rate of return for the company is expected to be north of 9 percent per annum which will make it attractive for investors looking for income but payment of dividend may not be more than once per year initially.
The stock issue is likely to be a relatively high income generator, rather than one for rapid stock price gains. shares will be sold in Jamaica in local dollars but in Trinidad they will be in US dollars.
News reaching IC Insider.com is that Fantana Pharmacy should be heading to the market soon, to raise around $500 million to help fund the new location on Waterloo Road in Kingston. A few others are said to be planned for next year with IC insider.com gathering that at least two are in the manufacturing sector and one in the financial sector.