Falling stocks hit TTSE

Trading ended on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange on Friday, with the volume of stocks changing hands rising 11 percent with a   32 percent lower value than on Thursday after 18 securities traded compared to 19 on Thursday, with three rising, ten declining and five ending unchanged. 
A total of 181,625 shares traded for $1,724,281 compared with 164,026 units at $2,517,874 on Thursday. An average of 10,090 units traded at $95,793 compared to 8,633 shares at $132,520 on Thursday, with trading month to date averaging 28,304 units at $283,023 versus 29,249 units at $292,735 on the previous trading day. The average trade for June amounts to  55,705 units at $392,249.
The Composite Index popped 0.02 points to 1,390.92. the All T&T Index rallied 4.65 points to 2,063.95 and the Cross-Listed Index shed 0.69 points to settle at 93.90.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows two stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and one with a lower offer.
At the close, Agostini’s remained at $45.85, with 5,200 shares crossing the market, Ansa Merchant Bank rallied 88 cents to $43 after an exchange of 25 units, Clico Investment Fund finished at $28.90 trading 2,220 stocks. First Citizens Group ended at $49.99, with 2,928 stock units clearing the market, GraceKennedy declined 5 cents to $5.45 in an exchange of 425 shares, Guardian Holdings fell 4 cents to close at $27.26 after exchanging 3,300 stocks. Guardian Media lost 6 cents in ending at $3.04, with 1,872 stock units changing hands, JMMB Group shed 3 cents to $2.31 in trading 1,900 units, L.J. Williams B share dropped 14 cents to end at $2.01 while exchanging 42 stocks. Massy Holdings declined 5 cents to $5.05 with the swapping of 134,980 units, National Enterprises remained at $3.20 in switching ownership of 125 shares, National Flour Mills ended at $1.65 after exchanging five stock units. NCB Financial Group fell 5 cents to $5.2, with 932 shares crossing the exchange, Prestige Holdings slipped 9 cents to $6.71 with an exchange of 11,800 units, Republic Financial Holdings shed $1 to close at $141 in an exchange of 100 stocks. Scotiabank dropped 11 cents to $76.89, with 750 stock units crossing the market, Trinidad & Tobago NGL popped 20 cents to $21.49 and closed with 12,021 stock units changing hands and West Indian Tobacco increased 90 cents to end at $23.40 with an exchange of 3,000 shares.
Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

Construction boosting Montego Bay economy

The official data from the Statistical Institute of Jamaica show that activity in the construction sector grew 0.4 percent in the December 2016 quarter and 0.2 percent in the March 2017 quarter.

New NCB Financial centre being built in Fair View Montego Bay

IC Insider.com took a tour of Jamaica’s two cities to get a glimpse of what was taking place in the sector and we have the pictures to show.
Within the Montego Bay area, the region of Jamaica that is said to be the fastest growing in the country, most buildings are taking place around the Fairview area that is next door to Bogue. Commercial activity continues to attract more entities to the western region and they seem to be heading to this location. Building of NCB Financial Centre for the region is in full flight and could be finished very soon, based on where the construction of building reached. Sited two blocks just south west of the Scotiabank centre the building occupies two stories.

Two new buildings going up at Farview, the one to the right is said to be a shopping cenre and a warehiouse to the left

Also going up close by was what is said to be a shopping centre, but that seems to be more like offices that should be ready for occupancy shortly, based on the painting of the exterior. And next to that building is another, that IC Insider.com was advised is a warehouse.Lands have been cleared and marled for what looks like another building or two one of which is a site for Victoria Building Society.
Other the other side of town on the way to adjoin the Pye River cemetery are two new commercial buildings,

New bidong going up at Bogue in Montgo Bay

one fairy advanced and another just going up, and across from what seems a BPO operations.
On the return leg to Kingston, IC Insider.com spotted advanced construction at what is commonly known as Puerto Seco Beach. This is said to be a Guardsman development and seems to be a resort type facility, with restaurants and cabanas in addition to the beach and represents a major upgrading of the popular

Pueto Seco Beach main building

Puerto Seco Beach facilities. This development is set to generate increased business for the Discovery Bay, a town that has been undergoing increased business activities in recent years with more commercial activities and business.
Increased activity within the sector has a number of positives, including increased employment during the construction phase for both skilled and unskilled workers and for workers who are going to be employed in the commercial entities after the constructions are completed. The wider Montego Bay economy will benefit from the business that will be conducted by the increased number of persons who will be employed. Entities such as taxis, buses, shops, restaurants and of course the government who will be collecting more taxes will all benefit for the increase economic activities to be generated.
Wider afield cement producer Caribbean Cement and paint manufactures as well as suppliers of other construction goods, will benefit from the continuing growth in the construction sectors in the region