FosRich lists – no official trades

Shares of FosRich were listed on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange on Tuesday, after a successful IPO.  Attempts were made to trade shares at $3 and $4 but the prices exceeded the 30 percent daily limit, permitted by the exchange.
The stock closed with a bid of $2.70 at the close to buy 20,000 shares and was offered for sale at $4.
Trading in the market ended with 19 securities changing hands, resulting in an exchange of 3,645,919 units valued at $16,409,735 compared to 131,071,391 units valued at $618,747,079 on Monday from 14 securities trading.
At the close of market activities, the prices of 7 securities advanced, 8 declined and 4 remained unchanged with two closing at 52 weeks’ low. The Junior Market Index slipped 3 points to close at 2,700.74.
Trading ended with an average of 191,890 units for an average of $863,670 in contrast to 7,710,082 units for an average of $36,396,887 on Monday. The average volume and value for the month to date, amounts to 625,999 units valued at $2,913,941 and previously, 681,693 units valued at $3,088,628. In contrast, November closed with average of 107,477 units valued at $545,989 for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows 6 stocks ending with bids higher than the last selling prices and 5 with lower offers.
At the close of the market, Access Financial closed at $42, with 3,000 shares, AMG Packaging ended with a loss of 3 cents at $2.87, with 6,000 stock units, Cargo Handlers ended trading with a loss of 5 cents at $10.85, with 1,000 stock units, Caribbean Cream traded with a loss of 20 cents end at a 52 weeks’ low of $4.80, with 2,002,200 units, Derrimon Trading concluded trading $1 higher at $8, with 10,000 units. Express Catering ended trading at $4.30, with 71,358 stock units, General Accident traded with a loss of 15 cents at $2.75, with 205,000 units, Honey Bun finished trading 50 cents higher at $4.50, with 24,475 shares, Jamaican Teas concluded trading 35 cents higher at $4, with 3,559 units. Jetcon Corporation gained 10 cents to $4.40, with 148,000 shares, Knutsford Express traded with a loss of 50 cents at $14, with 365 units, Lasco Distributors lost 5 cents to end at $3.85, with 789,740 shares, Lasco Financial closed with a loss of 10 cents at $5, with 204,857 shares. Lasco Manufacturing ended 5 cents higher at $3.65, with 64,240 stock units, Main Event concluded trading 2 cents higher at $5.30, with 1,356 units, Medical Disposables finished at $5, with 16,033 shares, Stationery and Office ended trading 5 cents higher at $4.85, with 89,188 stock units. Sweet River traded at $3.85, with 2,265 units and tTech finished trading with a loss of 18 cents to close t 52 weeks’ low of $5.18, with 3,283 shares trading.

Prices of securities trading for the day are those at which the last trade took place.

VM Investments 2 times over

Yet another Initial Public Offering crossed the line with demand exceeding supply as the latest issue by VM Investments to raise just under $700 million, has been oversubscribed and closed at the end on Tuesday.
“We were heartened by the overwhelming confidence demonstrated by Members of the Victoria Mutual family and the wider public. We closed today with subscriptions in excess of $2 Billion for the $689,261,487 offer” Devon Barrett, Victoria Mutual Group’s Chief Investment Officer said.
Barrett went on to say “we believe this augurs well for Jamaica’s economic growth and look forward to contributing to this growth by providing financing solutions for small and medium-sized entities in Jamaica. Details on the basis for allocation will be communicated to the Jamaica Stock Exchange in a subsequent advisory.”

Devon Barrett CEO of VMIL addressing invitees at the formal announcement of the IPO

A total of 225,003,750 Ordinary Shares in the Offer are initially reserved for staff and customers of the VMBS Group at discounts from $2.08 to $2.33 each and 75 million for the general public at $2.45 each. The offer which opens on December 11, was scheduled to close on December 18.
The company reported profit after taxes of $326 million, surpassing the $310 million made in 2015 and up to September profit of $273 million was achieved putting in on track for $360 for the year or 30 cents per share with PE ratio of 8, which is well below the average of the market 14.
Last week, FosRich and GWest closed with the issue oversubscribed and Wisynco closed with over $17 billion chasing a little more than $6 billion that was sought. Reports are that the Wisynco offer was heavily subscribed to by institutional investors.

18.9% of applications for FosRich to public

The general public in the FosRich Company Initial Public Offering shares have been allocated 5,000 with the balance in excess of 5,000 units to be allocated at approximately 12.70 percent or around 19 percent of all the shares they applied for.
According to Stocks and Securities Limited (“SSL”), lead broker to the issue, 1,084 applications with a total value of J$140,103,400 were received from the general public. The issue had just over 10 million shares slated initially for the public. Company Reserved Shares that was initially allocated took up 82 percent of their allotment hence the rest went into the pool for the public.
Overall SSL received a total of 1,165 applications totaling J$324.2 million. The Company’s offered 100,455,111 shares to raise J$200,910,222. SSL and Key Partners received the full allotments. The Company will endeavor to return cheques or make refunds via RTGS to applicants whose applications were not accepted, or whose applications were only accepted in part, within 10 working days of the Closing Date, December 4.
The original allocation of the issue was as follows: The general public just 10,070,111 units, Stocks and Securities, 50 million units and key partners and staff 40,385,000 units.

FosRich IPO fair value

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FosRich Company is heading to the capital market to raise $200 million from sale of just over 100 million shares at $2 each. The general public have been allocated 10,070,111 units, Stocks and Securities, broker for the issue is allocated 50 million units, key partners and staff have 40,385,000 allocated to them.
Reserved shares, if not fully taken up, will be available to the general public. The issue opens on Monday December 4 and is scheduled to close on December 11 with the minimum application of 5,000 Shares.
The Board intends to use the proceeds of the invitation in order to expand the capacity of the Company to provide electrical and energy solutions to its customers and in particular, to expand its ability to provide industrial products. The Company will also pay down existing loans and pay the expenses of the Invitation.
The company has built up a name for itself by way of advertising through electronic media and will benefit further from the increased publicity that will be generated by listing.
Importantly, the company currently has interest debt of $300 million and carries a high level of inventories of just under a year’s supply. In 2014 the company booked through its equity reserves a mark down of $129 million for impairment of inventory and receivables. For the nine months to September this year gross cash flow $50 million before working capital needs and after it ended at a net outflow of $9 million. With those numbers bank financing for expansion is going to be challenging. The capital raised should go a long way in easing this constraint.
The Company major Jamaican wholesaler and retailer of a wide range of electrical, lighting and energy products, opened in November 1993 and it has operated at its flagship location 77-79 Molynes Road for over 24 years. The location serves as the Company’s headquarters and comprises a 25,000 square foot area including warehouse and office space and showrooms. FosRich currently has a staff complement of 84. Apart from its head office in Kingston, they also operates in Montego Bay and Mandeville.

Mark Croskery Managing director of Stocks & Securities brokers fro teh IPO speaking to Cecil Foster, Managing director of FosRich.

According to data presented in the prospectus the average annual growth in sales since was 15 percent and the average annual growth in gross profit over the same period was 20 percent.
Unaudited gross profit for the year to September 2017 was $360 million compared to $346 million for the same period in 2016, for an increase of $14 million. This improvement was mainly driven by improvements in selling prices, which compensated for the reduction in sales revenue by J$60 million to J$796 million compared to the same period in 2016 of J$856 million. The full year results should see the company generating sales of just over $1 billion and profit of approximately $40 million before taxation having made $31 million in pretax profit to September.
The historical record of profits are mixed with pretax profits at $42 million in 2012 rising to $60 million in 2013, in 2014 they made $43 million, just $10 million in 2015 helped by bad debt recovery of $10 million and $35 million in 2016.
The directors are, Marion Foster, Steadman Fuller, Ian Kelly, Peter Knibb and Rosalyn Campbell.
Based on estimated earnings for 2017 of $40 million the shares are priced at 20 times 2017 earnings but when viewed against 2018, that will benefit from lower interest cost and some pick up in sales, profit could reach $108 million or earnings of 22 cents per share. Based on 502 million shares in issue after the IPO, the PE would be 9, on this basis, the price could deliver a 120 percent rise in 2018. The stock is priced at just over 2 times net book value and would be one of the lower valued Junior Market company based on net asset value.

100th listing coming for JSE

The Jamaica Stock Exchange is set to continue to grow with an increase in listings continuing with more than 100 listings being achieved in 2018 for the very first time.
More trading activity is expected in the future as a result of new listings, and the impact of the fall in interest rates will have, on trading activities. The exchange now has 92 listings, with a few duplicated ones, in the main market and US dollar market will see and there could be four on the exchange suggest before the year ends with three of them regarded as definite. Brokers say they are working on 8 new ones for 2018 currently, Marlene Street Forrest, Managing Director of the Jamaica Stock Exchange advised IC
The three are expected to be GWest, a medical complex out of Montego Bay, that is expected to raise over $400 million, the company’s income will come from a combination of rent, from the major part of the complex and fees from operating a small short term medical facility. The complex currently has a number of blue chip clients as tenants. Wisynco Group is looking to raise for itself $1 billion but some of its current shareholders wanting to cash out. Information suggests that shares are to be offered to a wide array of persons including the 700 staff members as well as a large number of customers hence the shares from the IPO could be pretty scarce. FosRich Group of Companies. Caribbean Insurance Brokers that is being handled by Mayberry Investments, is the fourth possible 2017 listings. Mayberry Investments has been working on Neveast Supplies but this seems to be a 2018 listing.

GWest complex in Montego Bay, its IPO is expected soon.

Others that should see their ordinary shares listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange include, Jamaica Plumbing and Supplies, the government’s owned Wighton Wind Farms, Jamaica Public Service Company, with the government wanting to dispose of its share in the power company, KIW International that has taken the decision to have the shares relisted, in preparation for this the company approved at its recently held annual general meeting, a 15 for 1 stock bonus to bring the issued ordinary share capital to just over $50 million. UCC Online, a segment of University College of the Caribbean was expected to have gone to the market this year but have been ironing out issues to facilitate the initial public offering, they could be ready in 2018 and Sygnus Capital Investments should list in the first quarter of 2018, probably by February, on the main market of the stock exchange. Sygnus is a relatively new company, established to undertake loans or make medium term investments in medium size businesses. The company which is registered in St Lucia will be managed by Sygnus Capital Management, a Cayman Island based corporation. The company raised US$15 million in capital and is aiming for another $5 million when they come to market, which could be as early as January next year. According to our source they have so far lent out US$11 million and generated a higher rate of return that originally expected. The company has a good stream of potential users of its funds.