6 days of gains for JSE US dollar market

The Jamaica Stock Exchange US dollar market rose for a sixth consecutive on Thursday, with a 175 percent rise in the volume of stocks exchanged, and a 214 percent rise in value over Wednesday, resulting in the trading of seven securities, compared to eight on Wednesday, with four rising, one declining and two ending unchanged.
Investors traded 3,235,927 shares for US$55,292, sharply up from 174,023 units at US$17,600 on Wednesday.
Trading averaged 462,275 units at US$7,899 from 21,753 shares at US$2,200 on Wednesday, with a month to date average of 68,044 shares at US$4,634 compared to 50,007 units at US$4,485 on the previous trading day. August ended with an average of 53,206 units for US$7,288.
The JSE US Denominated Equities Index gained 6.54 points to end at 216.21.
The PE Ratio, a measure used in computing appropriate stock values, averages 9. The PE ratio uses ICInsider.com earnings forecasts for companies with financial years ending between November and August 2023.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows no stock ending with a bid higher than the last selling price and one with a lower offer.
At the close, First Rock Real Estate USD share climbed 0.97 of one cent to 6.9 US cents after exchanging 159,937 shares, Productive Business Solutions increased 6.75 cents to US$1.39 after 681 units were traded, Proven Investments rose 2 cents to close at 21 US cents with investors trading 61,193 stocks. Sygnus Credit Investments USD share remained at 10.98 US cents as investors exchanged 10,564 stock units, Sygnus Real Estate Finance USD share dropped 0.01 of a cent to end at 12.37 US cents with the swapping of 3,545 stocks and Transjamaican Highway rallied 0.06 of a cent to end at 0.99 of one US cent after a transfer of 3,000,000 shares.
In the preference segmentEppley 6% preference share ended at US$1.13 after 7 units were traded.
Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

Volume drops on JSEUSD market

 More securities contributed to trading on Friday than Thursday, but the volume of stocks declined 40 percent and the value surged 136 percent higher than on Thursday, at the close of the Jamaica Stock Exchange US dollar market, resulting in declining stocks just edging out those rising.
Seven securities changing hands, down from five on Thursday with prices of three rising and four declining.
Overall, 80,676 shares traded, for US$13,320 compared to 133,466 units at US$5,656 on Thursday. Trading averaged 11,525 units at US$1,903, compared to 26,693 shares at US$1,131 on Thursday and the month to date averages 487,963 shares at US$66,025 versus 545,465 units at US$73,763 on Thursday. November ended with an average of 79,766 units for US$10,928.
The JSE US Denominated Equities Index rose 1.69 points to 214.90 and is now up 15.4 percent for the year.
The PE Ratio, a measure used in computing appropriate stock values, averages 12.7. The PE ratio uses earnings forecasts done by ICInsider.com for each company with the financial year ending during the current year up to August 2022.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows one stock ending with a higher bid than the last selling price and one with a lower offer.
At the close, First Rock Capital USD share rose 0.88 of a cent in ending at 6.95 US cents while exchanging 1,181 shares, Proven Investments fell 0.15 of one cent to end at 22.85 US cents with 51,902 stocks crossing the exchange, Sterling Investments lost 0.1 of a cent in closing at 2 US cents, with 21,724 stock units changing hands. Sygnus Credit Investments USD share dropped 0.3 of a cent to 12.6 US cents after exchanging 4,495 units and Transjamaican Highway popped 0.03 of a cent to close at 0.83 US cents in exchanging 1,107 stock units.
In the preference segment, Eppley 6% climbed 30 cents to close at 98 US cents, with 134 stocks changing hands and JMMB Group 6% rallied 11 cents to US$1.12 crossing the market 133 shares.
Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.