Derrimon buying Woodcats International

Staff at Derrimon Trading.

Derrimon Trading signed an agreement to buy Woodcats International with the transaction set to close within thirty days.
Woodcats was founded in 1999 by Christopher Collings and reached of $450 million in the 2017 financial year. products include: export pallets, warehouse pallets, wooden crates, sawdust, and landscaping mulch with in heat treatment and pallet repair.
Revenues for the Derrimon Trading first quarter March this year, climbed 27 percent to $1.94 billion above the $1.53 billion reported for the 2017 quarter and led to a big hike in profit.
The company reported a strong 45 percent jump in its first quarter results, from $35 million to $52 million or 21 cents per share to March this year, but profit could have been even higher had they not incurred finance cost which jumped 56 percent to $38 million from $25 million in 2017.
Derrimon stock traded 236,050 as high as $25 on Friday on the Jamaican Stock Exchange but ended at a record close of $24 to be up 243 percent for the year. The company is expected to approve a  stock split of 10 to 1 at their upcoming annual general meeting slated for August 22.

Related party sells 40m Derrimon shares

Derrimon dominant shareholder sold off big block of shares.

Derrimon dominant shareholder sold off big block of shares.

Derrimon Trading Company ended with 40,051,505 shares valued at $155 million changing hands in only 7 lots, to close at a new closing high of $3.80 after gaining 1 cent.
Information is that a former shareholder acquired 40 million shares from a connected party. The only connected parties with that amount of shares, are Derrick Cotterell with 110,000,000 and Monique Cotterell with 40,000,000. Monica Bell mother to Derrick Cotterell also owns 40,000,000 shares or just under 14.6 percent of the issued ordinary shares, but she is not listed as a director of the company but would be regarded as a connected party.
The junior market closed on Thursday with 12 securities trading of which 7 advanced and 2 declined and 3 closed at new 52 weeks’ high. The junior market index gained 9.08 points to 1,636.95 with 43,233,932 units, valued at $166,308,887 changing hands.
At the close there was 1 security ending with no bid to buy and 7 securities had no stocks being offered for sale. A total of 5 stocks closed with bids higher than their last traded prices while one closed with a lower offer.
In trading, Access Financial Services closed with a gain of 9 cents at $14.11 with 2,000 units changing hands, AMG Packaging traded 24,074 units at $7 but traded at a new high of $7.50 in the morning session. Caribbean Cream closed at $3.27 to gain 47 cents with only 3,000 units changing hands. The stock closed with a bid to buy 40,000 units at $3.50 after attempts were made to trade over 1 million shares at $3.80. The trades were cancelled as the price would exceed 15 percent permitted for the day, with less than an hour of trading remaining, to allow for the unfreezing of the stock. JM - Trde Sht 17-12-15Caribbean Flavours rose 3 cents with 22,345 shares changing hands at a new 52 weeks’ high of $9 after hitting $9.30 earlier, General Accident ended with 62,300 shares changing hands at $1.94, for a loss of 10 cents, KLE Group traded at a new 52 weeks’ high of $1 after gaining a5 cents with 3,000 shares changing hands. Lasco Distributors closed with 206,600 shares changing hands at $4.35 after falling by 20 cents, Lasco Financial closed at $3, with 204,662 shares changing hands, Lasco Manufacturing gained 1 cent and closed at $3.31, with 2,652,146 shares trading. Paramount Trading ended with 2,000 shares changing hands at $9 and Eppley 10% preference share, ended with 300 units changing hands at $6.02.

Caribbean Flavour(ing) future profits

CFF fact 2014“With the price of the stock, trading at $2.55 for a PE of just over 3 and 2.3 based on IC Insider’s forecast, (is) indicative of much upside potential,” was how Caribbean Flavours was assessed back in August this year, as the stock was elevated to the BUY RATED ranking after the company released its full year results to June.
In the June posting, IC Insider stated, “The company seems poised to hit earnings of 65 cents per share, for the June 2015 financial year, making it attractive for some short-term gains, with the current price of $2.09, at a PE ratio of 3 times earnings.”
Focusing on the end results of Caribbean Flavours & Fragrances for the year to June 2015 with increased profit of 22 percent over 2014 would lead one to look elsewhere, but that would be a big error. For while the nine months to March showed profit down marginally to $39 million from $40 million, profit for the March quarter was up 20 percent over March 2014 quarter, the June quarter increased by 143 percent to $18.77 million from just $7.6 million for June 2014.
The company followed up the improved results for the March and June quarters, with another quarter of strong performance to September, with a 51.3 percent increase in net profit to $20.36 million over the $13.46 million recorded for the similar period in 2014. The improved profit flowed from sales for the quarter jumping 38.20 percent to $87.46 million, compared to the $63.29 million recorded for the same period in 2014.

Caribbean Flavours' produce with ingredients - the stock closed at a new high.

Caribbean Flavours’ produce with ingredients – the stock closed at a new high.

“The improvement to our revenue was primarily driven by increase in the sale of flavours in the domestic market as well as the sale of products to new customers. In addition, there has been a 6 percent year over year increase in the sale of fragrances for the quarter thereby contributing positively to both the revenue and our profitability,” the directors stated in their report to shareholders.
“The gross profit showed an increase of 28.91 percent moving from $25.487 million to $32.856 million as per our first quarter’s performance. The Company will continue to refine and improve our purchasing strategy in order to extract the necessary efficiencies and improve our cost of sales and gross profit.
The company continues to manage its administrative and general expenses within budget and compared to the 2014 quarter, there was only a 4.4 percent increase,” the report went on to state.
The future looks much brighter than the past year, for the company that manufactures and distributes flavours mainly for the beverage, baking and confectionery industries and also sells food colouring and fragrances. In responding to questions posed at the annual general meeting held on Wednesday 25 of November, directors indicated that the strong performance enjoyed in the September quarter continues into the December quarter.
“We have hardly scratched the surface of the potential market” Derrick Cotterell indicated, “we have moved into the Dominican Republic and Canada where there is much potential for growth and with renewed efforts and products the locally Jamaican market as well”. Cotterell stated that they have increased research into new products such as fragrances and this has opened up new opportunities for them. Trinidad, Cuba and Haiti are countries with potential for growth, they indicated but Haiti is said to be a difficult market to break into but they have contacts there that should make it possible. In addition to the focus on research and developments for new products and new customers the company said they were able to source some of its raw material more cheaply than before.
According to the company’s board, in their comments on the 2015 annual results “the economic environment has allowed the company to grow its revenues and profits by securing new markets for fragrances and increasing the volume of sales of flavours to existing and new customers in foreign markets. Based on the outlook for the coming year, it is expected that the company will continue to improve its profits whilst increasing its market share in the domestic and overseas markets”.
IC Insider projects profits for 2016 at $99 million or $1.10 per share with increased sales and improving profit margins and $1.50 for the 2017 fiscal year. Company is free of interest bearing debt and has net current assets of $221 million including cashfunds of $103 million.