SOS back in ICTOP10 stocks

Main Event price popped nearly 14 percent from $4.65 last week to $5.28 following this week’s public forum the company CEO presented, leading the stock to dropped out of the Junior Market ICTOP10 and Stationery and Office Supplies price dipped to $7.52 and moved in to fill the slot left by Main Event.

Stationery & Office Supplies hit a record high on Friday.

Stationery & Office Supplies – Montego Bay office.

Prices of some ICTOP10 stocks bounced around during the week, resulting in changes within the list as a result. The average gains projected for the Junior Market fell from 218 percent last week to 216 percent. The average projected gains for Main Market stocks moved up last week, from 162 to 169 percent, are up again this week to 171 percent.
The markets continue to face resistance, with the Junior Market trading at the very top of its upward sloping channel while the JSE Main Market sits a few thousand points away and facing turbulence in getting to the peak. The recent release of results by two Lasco companies did not move the market this past week, investors are likely to be looking at a sideward moving market until later in the month, in keeping with the historical pattern of a recess after the completion of earnings season.
The Junior Market Index closed the week at 3,339.02, slightly up from 3,329.50, last week, after it was up moderately from 3,324 at the end of the previous week. The JSE All Jamaica Composite Index ended at 456,395.73 on Friday, up from 454,375.81 at the close of the previous week.
The Junior Market has to decidedly break the upper limit of the current upward sloping trading channel to free it to move on to the next area of resistance, of just over 4,000 mark, but the Main Market has room to run for a few thousand points before it hits the channel top at 460,000 points which it came close to on Friday at 459,758 before pulling back.
The top three stocks in the Junior Market for this week, are Elite Diagnostic, followed by Medical Disposables and Caribbean Producers, with the potential to gain between 238 to 300 percent. The top three Main Market stocks are Radio Jamaica, followed by PanJam Investments and Wisynco Group, with expected gains of 153 to 371 percent. The latter potential gain is based on earnings for the financial year starting in July, investors should not expect an early upward movement for the price until after the release of full year results to June this year, around the end of August.
The targeted PE ratio for the market averages 20 based on profits of companies reporting full year’s results, up to the second quarter of 2022. Fiscal 2020-21 ended March, with the average PE at 17 for Junior Market stocks and 19 for the  Main Market.
The Junior Market with an average PE of 12.3 based on’s 2021-22 earnings, is currently trading below the target, as well as the recent historical average of 17, this represents another 37 percent rise in the market that would equate to a rise of 63 percent to March 2022. The Junior Market Top 10 stocks average a mere 6.5 at just 52 percent of the market average, indicating substantial gains ahead. The JSE Main Market ended the week with an overall PE of 16.2, some distance from the 19 the market ended March, suggesting a 23 percent rise from now to March 2022. The Main Market TOP 10 trades at a PE of 7.7 or 48 percent of the PE of that market and well off the potential of 20.
IC TOP10 stocks are likely to deliver the best returns up to March 2022 and ranked in order of potential gains, based on likely increase for each company, taking into account the earnings and PE ratios for the current fiscal year. Expected values will change as stock prices fluctuate and result in weekly movements in and out of the lists. Revisions to earnings per share are ongoing, based on receipt of new information.

Persons who compiled this report may have an interest in securities commented on in this report.

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