Rising stocks edged falling ones on TTSE

Market activity ended on Wednesday, with the market having mixed results after 89 percent fewer shares were tradedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa with an 81 percent lower value than on Tuesday, resulting in more stocks rising than falling at the close of trading on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange.
Sixteen (16) securities traded compared to 19 on Tuesday, with four rising, five declining and seven remaining unchanged. The Composite Index increased 6.10 points to 1,422.69, the All T&T Index lost 0.54 points to settle at 1,928.03 and the Cross-Listed Index advanced 1.85 points to 123.59.
Overall, 34,566 shares traded for $721,122 down sharply from 307,359 units at $3,882,610 on Tuesday.
An average of 2,160 shares traded at $45,070 compared to 16,177 at $204,348 on Tuesday. The average trade for the month to date amounts to 22,338 units at $227,041 versus 23,344 units at $236,111. The average trade for June amounts to 45,770 units at $724,497.
The Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows six stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and two with lower offers.
At the close, Agostini’s ended at $24.55, after 2,000 shares were traded, Angostura Holdings declined 6 cents to $16.43 after 203 stock units changed hands, Endeavour Holdings remained at $7.94, after trading 523 units, First Citizens Bank rose 30 cents to $50.30 after the trading of 1,902 shares. GraceKennedy ended at $6.15 in exchanging 314 units, L.J Williams B shares ended at $1.50, with 57 stocks changing hands, Massy Holdings settled at $80.50 in trading 417 units. National Flour Mills shed 4 cents to $2 after an exchange of 4,161 shares, NCB Financial Group popped 19 cents to $8.19 after trading 9,515 stock units, One Caribbean Media rallied 5 cents to $4.05, with 1,000 units crossing the market. Point Lisas settled at $3.15 in exchange ng 1,224 stocks, Prestige Holdings climbed 5 cents to $7.50 in switching ownership of 2,000 stock units, Scotiabank declined 45 cents to close at $58.55 in exchanging 4,391 shares  Trinidad & Tobago NGL fell 40 cents to $17.55 with an exchange of 2,500 stock units, Unilever Caribbean ended at $16.33 while exchanging 1,220 units and West Indian Tobacco slipped 1 cent to $32.49 in trading 3,139 shares.
Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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