Rising & declining stocks share spotlight in Trinidad & Tobago

Stocks rising and declining shared the spotlight equally on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange on Wednesday, after a big jump in the volume of stocks traded and a near doubling in Tuesday’s value. The total volume surged 466 percent over the miniscule amount on Tuesday as the value climbed 89 percent, resulting in 20 securities trading similar to Tuesday, with seven stocks rising, seven declining and six remaining unchanged.
Trading climbed to 1,467,927 shares for $8,272,610, up from 257,799 stock units at $4,379,273 on Tuesday.
An average of 72,896 shares were traded at $413,630 compared with 12,890 shares at $218,964 on Tuesday. Trading month to date averaged 23,716 shares at $234,460 marginally more than 21,100 units at $224,930 on the previous day. The average trade for February amounts to 51,996 shares at $458,520.
The Composite Index fell 8.81 points to 1,318.18, the All T&T Index dipped 9.84 points to 1,972.52, the SME Index remained at 61.52 and the Cross-Listed Index dipped 1.08 points to close at 86.49.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows four stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices and one with a lower offer.
At the close, Angostura Holdings popped 40 cents to $24.50 after trading 10 shares, Ansa McAl traded 3,501 shares after the price dropped $3.70 to $50.80, Calypso Macro Index Fund ended $20.76 after investors traded 357 units. First Citizens Group slipped 1 cent to $50.01 with an exchange of 3,000 stocks, FirstCaribbean International Bank ended at $7.25, with 161 stock units clearing the market. Guardian Holdings had an exchange of 1,684 shares after gaining 49 cents to close at $25.99, Gracekennedy slipped 2 cents in ending at $4.46 after an exchange of 1,100 units, JMMB Group popped 1 cent to $1.70 with a transfer of 8,815 shares, Massy Holdings fell 1 cent to $4.50 after an exchange of 1,216,645 stock units. NCB Financial traded 1,110 shares and fell 14 cents to close at $3.75, National Enterprises had an exchange of 81,296 stocks in closing at $3.70, National Flour lost 10 cents in trading 3,401 shares at $1.40. One Caribbean Media gained 14 cents to end at $3.70, with 16,500 units changing hands, Prestige Holdings ended at $7.40 in switching ownership of 405 shares. Point Lisas traded 92,463 shares and gained 1 cent to close at $3.60, Republic Financial closed at $138 after 8,554 shares crossed the market, Scotiabank fell 5 cents to $77.95 while exchanging 1,504 stock units, investors in Trinidad and Tobago NGL swapped 13,424 after slipping 4 cents to end at $$20.01, Unilever Caribbean ended trading at $14.75 with an exchange of 1,050 stocks and West Indian Tobacco added 4 cents to end at $16.55 after trading 2,947 shares.

Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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