Revenue down at Kingston Wharves profit up

KingstonWharves280x150Revenues declined in the two quarters to June at Kingston Wharves by 19 percent, in the first quarter and 9 percent in the second, for an overall decline of 14 percent for the half year.
Revenues came in at $994 million for the June quarter, compared with $1.1 billion in 2013 and for the six months, $1.94 billion versus $2.26 billion. Decline was seen in both the regular revenue stream as well as for other operating income. “The reduced revenue was significantly influenced by the loss of business from a main shipping line and the overall decline in economic conditions” Grantley Stephenson Chairman and CEO, said.
Gross profit declined by 13.5 percent for the half year, better than the decline in revenues and 10 percent for the quarter, almost in line with the fall in revenue. Kingston Wharves picked up foreign exchange losses of $131 million in 2013 but only $68 million in 2014.
Administrative cost were down but at a slower pace than revenues at 11 percent for the half year and 8.5 percent for the quarter. Reduction in taxation provision from $85 million in the June quarter of 2013 to only $5 million in 2014 prevented profit after tax from falling below the $175 million earned in 2013 as well as the six months which ended at $353 million compared to $322 million excluding amounts due to minority shareholders. For the June 2014 quarter, Kinston Wharves made profit after tax and minority interest of $219 million. For the six months earnings per share is 25 cents. Return on equity is working out at 6 percent per annum, not great, but the funds acquired for investment in the port expansion and modernization is yet to be fully deployed, to generate profits and so improve the level of return.
Finances| The company boast equity of $13 billion, with loans amounting to $1.8 billion, cash and investments of $2.6 billion at the end of June. Net asset per share is $10 while the stock price is at $5 but there is need for strong growth in profit to help bridge the gap, this may have to await the completion of the expansion of the facility.
The real attraction here for investors, is the planned expansion of its facilities to take advantage of the Panama Canal expansion and the added traffic that is expected to flow form it.

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