Profit up at AMG

AMG Packaging posted nine months results recently, with flat revenues for the May quarter after recording lower income for the nine months in 2021 versus last year. Still, the company reported a strong 26 percent increase in profit to $21 million for the May quarter, pushing the year to date results to $42 million ahead of $38 million in 2020.
The improved results for the latest quarter came about with a big fall in inventory input that fell 11 percent from $94.6 million to $84 million, while cost for the nine months declined 9 percent from $295 million to $268 million. Other direct manufacturing costs fell in the May quarter from $30 million to $29 million and for the nine months from $104.4 million to $91 million.
Resulting from the fall in direct manufacturing costs, gross profit rose from $46 million in the quarter to $57.4 and for the nine months $150 million from $134.4 million.
Administrative and other expenses rose four percent, from $30.7 million in the 2020 quarter to $32 million and for the nine months, from $98 million to $102 million excluding gains or losses from foreign exchange movement. Foreign exchange movement contributed a loss of $2.3 million in the May quarter, down from a gain of $2.3 million in 2020 and a loss of $4.6 million for the nine months to May this year versus a gain of $4.5 million in 2020. Other income brought in $1.2 million in the May quarter versus $1.4 million in 2020 and for the nine months, $4.4 million compared to $2.2 million in 2020. Loss on disposal of fixed assets contributed a negative input of $4 million in the nine months period last year while taxation cost $3 million in the 2021 quarter and $2.4 million last year and $6 million for the year to date versus $5.4 million in 2020.

AMG Packaging pfoit rise

Cash inflow generated in the period to May amounts to $71 million versus $60 million in 2020. After working capital changes, inflows rose to $117 million. A sum of $62 million was expended on the acquisition of fixed assets resulted in a net outflow of $116 million, leaving cash on hand of $143 million, down from $233 at the end of May 2020.
Current assets stood at $394 million and current liabilities $87 million, resulting in net current assets of $306 million. Shareholders’ equity grew to $591 million from $530 million as of May 2020 and loans amounted to $122 million, of which $19 million is due to be repaid in the next twelve months.
IC projects a profit of $66 million or 13 cents per share for the 2022 fiscal year. The stock last traded at $1.64 on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange at a PE ratio of 12.6, just below the Junior Market average of 13. Still, with more of the local economy opening up, the results for 2022 could prove to be better than the current year. Investors have to watch supply chain issues such as increased cost and dislocation of sourcing raw materials.

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