Profit surged 533% in Q2 at Paramount

Profit surged 533 percent in the 2021 November quarter, at Paramount Trading, to $29 million from just $4.5 million in 2020 after tax, but profit for the six months to November, popped by a much slower 141 percent to $48 million from $20 million in 2020. Notwithstanding the growth in the second quarter, the company is far from the profit made in the 2016 fiscal year of $173 million, with an average quarterly profit of $43 million.

Paramount Trading

Sales revenue jumped 30.8 percent for the quarter, to $401 million from $307 billion and climbed 15 percent for the half year, to $770 million from $669 million in 2020.
With profits hitting $101 million in 2017, the company has suffered since, with profit dropping to $53 million in 2020, rising in 2021 to $64 million. The current year seems on track to better the 2017 performance based on results to date.  
Gross profit rose 30 percent in the November quarter to $130 million from $100 million in 2020, but just 11 percent for the half year, with $241 million realized versus $216 million in 2020. Gross profit margin slipped in the first half of the year, to 31 percent from 32 percent in 2020 and declined in the November quarter to 32 percent from 33 percent in 2020.
Administrative expenses rose 5 percent to $91 million in the quarter and increased just 3 percent in the six months to $181 million. Marketing and sales expenses fell 19 percent to $3 million in the quarter but rose 8 percent for the half year to $5.6 million while Finance cost rose 6 percent in the quarter to $13.4 million from $12.7 million in 2020 but fell 6 percent in the half year from $25.8 million to $24.3 million.
According to the company’s Chairman, Radcliff Knibbs in his report to shareholders on the half year results, “Paramount’s improved performance was achieved by employment of a robust growth strategy.” He went on to state, “we will continue to pivot our operations to take advantage of any possible opportunities that may arise.” He concluded that “we expect that our strategic objectives will be realized through strong income growth and cost containment.
Gross cash flow brought in $75 million but after addition to fixed assets and repayment of loan, the net cash position ended at $41 million, pushing cash resource to $302 million at the end of November. Shareholders’ equity stood at $844 million with long term loans at $454 million and short term at $47 million. Current assets ended the period at $948 million inclusive of inventories of $468 million, receivables of $346 million, cash and bank balances of $124 million. Current liabilities ended the period at $437 million. Net current assets ended the period at $511 million
Earnings per share came out at 2 cents for the quarter and 3 cents for the year to date. IC is forecasting 12 cents per share for the fiscal year ending May 2022 and 20 cents for 2023. The stock that is now added to IC TOP15 list at 11th position, traded at $1.37 on Friday, up 44 percent from a low of 95 cents in 2021 on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange with a PE ratio of 11 times 2022 earnings and 7 times 2023 projected earnings. Net asset value is 55 cents with the stock selling at 2.5 times book value.  The stock price has clearly broken the long term declining trend but faces some short term resistance now around $1.40, but the recent results could well allow it to break free of that level.
The company paid a dividend of 4 cents in January 2021 and again in January 2022 amounting to $62 million.

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