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Jamaica-BroilersEthanolPlant280x150Jamaica Broilers recorded profits of $406 million for the quarter to January 2015, a 115 percent increase against the $188 million in 2014. Results for the third quarter was better than the amount earned in the first two quarters of the fiscal year combined.
Profit of $622 million was earned for the nine months, 21 percent above the $512 million for the 2014 period. Earnings per stock amounted 33.8 cents for the quarter, up from 15.7 cents for the corresponding period in 2014 and 51.86 cents per stock unit versus 42.71 cents, for the nine months period. IC Insider is forecasting $1 per share earnings for the year to April and $1.50 for the next fiscal year. If the forecast is met, the stock would be selling at at PE ratio of only 4.
The group should benefit from lower cost of inputs for feed, energy and fuel cost with the decline in the price of oil. Contributing to the gains so far, is the Group’s revenue increase of 15 percent for the quarter to hit $9 billion from the $7.8 billion in the corresponding period last year. Gross profit jumped 38 percent in the quarter to $2.2 billion, $600 million above the $1.60 billion of the corresponding quarter of 2014. For the nine months, gross profit came in at $5.7 billion versus $4.4 billion, an increase of 29 percent. It was the improvement in Gross profit margin that contributed most to the improvements in profit with $370 million for the quarter coming from the increased margin.
JB 1-15“In this quarter, the segment reporting was changed to reflect the new geographical perspective on the Group’s operations, being Jamaica, US and Other which includes Haiti,” the company’s management informed shareholders.
Management went on to state that “the growth in the US Operations continues. The segment results reflect the improvement in year to date performance; now at $773 million compared to the year to date of $283 million last year-a 173 percent increase. The Operations in Jamaica have performed as anticipated, given the market environment which has resulted in depressed consumer demand and lower disposable incomes. The year to date segment results at $1.297 billion therefore reflects only a 2 percent increase over the $1.270 billion recorded last year. Revenues from the fuel terminal operations at Port Esquivel were booked in this quarter in respect of a short-term contractual arrangement. A long-term agreement is being negotiated and prospects look good due to the current shortage of storage capacity for petroleum products. In this quarter, the segment reporting was changed to reflect the new geographical perspective on the Group’s operations, being Jamaica, US and Other (which includes Haiti). Distribution, selling and administrative costs, quarter -over –quarter, essentially reflect inflation increases along with costs related to organizational strengthening and increased activities in the US Operations.”
Borrowed funds increased to $6.9 billion and cash funds also increased to $1.76 billion, while equity stands at $11.3 billion.

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  1. […] Jamaica Broilers stock traded at $8 for a gain of 98 percent this year to date, partially spurred by 191 percent jump in after tax profit for the July quarter, to $331 million from $114 million in 2014. Revenues for the quarter climbed 13 percent to $9 billion which, compared to the $7.8 billion in 2014. Earnings per stock amounts to 27.58 cents against 9.47 cents in the corresponding period last year. Gross profit grew much faster than revenues at 32 percent to $2.28 billion over the corresponding quarter last year and gross profit margin rose to 25.54 percent from 21.88 percent in 2014. The fall in world market prices for energy and corn along with the closure of the ethanol operation would have contributed to some of the reduction in direct cost. Distribution and selling cost climbed to $248 million from $226 million and administration and other expenses rose by 17.5 percent to $1.5 billion. Free cash flow from operations generated $851 million leading to cash and investments of $1.8 billion at the end of the quarter, down from $2.3 billion in 2014 as the company repaid just over $300 million in loans and $545 million in payables while receivables growth consumes $380 million, year over year. Segment results show the Jamaican operations enjoying a marked improvement over 2014 with segment profit of $697 million in the 2015 July quarter, from $448 million reported last year. “We are recording increased sale volumes in poultry and feed products. In addition our focus on cost containment and improvements in the production processes for poultry and feed are bearing fruit,” the company said in its report to shareholders. The US segment show 31 percent sales growth to $2.07 billion from $1.58 billion in 2014 but slightly lower segment profit of $266 million versus $271 million while the Haitian operation performed below that of the prior year period. The company stated that “Operations are now at an optimal level with respect to the sale of our main product –fertile eggs for the broiler industry. We expect steady growth in other product lines in this segment. In the Other Caribbean Operations, Haiti Broilers SA has increased production and sale of table eggs to 13 percent of the market, compared to 8 percent at the end of the first quarter last year. The positive effect of this volume growth has however been neutralized by significant increases in operating costs due to the depreciation of the Haitian Gourde against the US dollars during this quarter. Our move into sustained profitability in Haiti has therefore been delayed. This segment was also impacted by impairment and mark- to- market adjustments, amounting to $44 million, on certain financial assets in two of our St. Lucian subsidiaries”. Jamaica Broilers should end up with earnings in the region of $1.30 for the 2016 fiscal year ending April compared with 86.4 cents for 2015. The PE for the stock is just over 6 at the current price of $8. The company declared the payment of an interim dividend of 10 cents per share, payable on November 13. In May this year a payment of 9 cents per share was paid. […]

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