Profit at Jamaican Teas rise 58%

Jamaican Teas CEO, John Mahfood addressing the company’s last AGM in 2017.

Jamaican Teas enjoyed strong growth of 86 percent in profit after corporate taxes for the quarter to September amounting $39 million up from $21 million in the previous year.
Profit before taxation rose to $54 million compared to $44 million an increase of 22 percent. For the twelve months to September, profits after taxation is up 58 percent to $186 million after the booking of some material one off cost and income in arriving at outcome for the year.
The Group enjoyed positive performance from continued improvement in core business at Jamaican Teas with increased exports sales of 24 percent for the quarter and 26 percent for the year as well as good growth in the sales at the supermarket in Kingston for the twelve months to Sept 2017 resulting in a strong increase of 19 percent in overall group sales as sales increased by 5 percent from $342 million to $358 million, during the final quarter of the fiscal year. For the year sales revenues rose to $1.53 billion from $1.29 billion in addition the group recorded other revenues of $94 million versus $61 million in 2016 and $44 million versus $21 million in the quarter.
Although the group realized gains on investments of $60 million during the year the report shows more than $37 million in unrealized gains on investments at the end of September.
The results represent another good year for the group coming off 2016, with growth in sales and profits from continuing operations of 9.5 percent and 103 percent respectively.
FINANCIAL POSITION|Shareholders’ equity continues to expand, exceeding the $1 billion market for the first time. Quoted investments and cash stood at $304 million at the end of the quarter. Working capital amounted to $529 million and includes borrowings of $167 million while long term borrowings ended the period at $70 million.
During the year, the group acquired 43 percent of the issued ordinary shares of KIW International, the company results, assets and liabilities are consolidated in the groups’ accounts.
Subsequent to the year end the directors approved a dividend of 3 cents per share payable on December 19, on the increased number of shares in issue of 682 million units. During the year the shares were increased based on a 2 for 1 stock split with the stock price rising from $1.95 to $4.10 presently the second consecutive year with gains of more than 100 percent in the stock price.
The new fiscal year has started off very well. According to management in commenting on the post quarter sales performance, “in October 2017 we doubled our export sales while our local tea sales increased by 26 percent and our supermarket sales by 8 percent. The group’s future prospects for the remainder of the quarter look favourable.”

John Jackson is acting Chairman of the group

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