New IPOS expected in October

The initial public offer of shares in Jamaica Fibreglass Products is expected to come to the Jamaican Capital market in October, our source advises, with Spur Tree Spices to come shortly after.
The company produces fiberglass based furniture and beddings, with revenues said to be in the region of $600 million, is expected to raise approximately $250 million for expansion purposes. The prospectus of the Metry Seaga owned company is said to be at an advanced stage of preparation and should be moving through the various stages for approval soon.
Spur Tree Spices, with revenues, said to be just over $1 billion, should also be coming in October, if all goes well, with a view to pull in $250 million. GK Capital are brokers of the two issues that are slated to list on the Junior Market. The prospectus of the company that has been manufacturing seasonings and sauces since 2006 for the local and export markets is also at an advanced stage of readiness, gathers. is informed that the prospectus for one issue is in a draft form currently, so it should be ready to move to the regulators shortly. IPOS are subject to approval, primarily by the Jamaica Stock Exchange and Financial Securities Commission, before the prospectus can be released to the public as such, the exact timing is subject to signing off by them.
One source advised IC that there are several potential listing candidates in the Manufacturing sector, with a number of them expressing interest in the listing. Another source advises that there are a number of potential listings in the NCB Capital Markets pipeline. The disruption to business caused by covid-19 is creating delays in some of the issues.
What appears to be a rush to list is a marked departure from the situation that existed before the advent of the Junior Market, with many business owners now seeing the major benefits that listings bring and the usefulness of long term capital.
In the meantime, Sygnus Real Estate Finance IPO that is seeking to sell 207.6 million up sizeable by 38.86 million units to raise a maximum of US$15 million, is extended to Friday, September 10.

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