Margins squeezed Grace’s profit

Grace HQGrace Kennedy reported flat profits for the 2014 year although revenues grew 20 percent for the year to reach $83.5 billion. Grace ended with net profits of $3.29 billion compared with $3.22 billion due to shareholders of the group.
Not even lower taxes that delivered savings of $200 million could push the performance that saw lower pretax profit of $4.85 billion versus $5 billion in 2013.
Gross profit climbed from $64 billion to $74.9 billion but profit margin declined to 4.13 percent from 5.23 percent in 2013. Frank James Group Chief Financial Officer attributed some of the decline to one off cost associated with the acquisition of the Le Fe subsidiary during the year and tightness in the local economy that placed pressure on the margin as the devaluation to the local currency pushed up cost which they were not able to pass on in full. But there is more to it than that. Grace’s segment results showed no growth in segment profits between the September and December quarters, in food trading and insurance, two important profit areas of the group. Profit in the last quarter was make primarily by Hardware and Lumber and money transfer.
Results for segments were mixed with money transfer ending with $2.39 billion up from $1.9 billion, Insurance rose from $122 million to $454 million. Food retailing ended at $875 million from $1.145 billion in 2013 and hardware & Lumber reported $284 million versus $343 million in 2013.
The group reported earnings of $9.90 per share and announced an interim dividend of 75 cents per share payable on May 18, 2015 to shareholders on record as at April 28 with the ex-dividend date being April 24. Return on equity for the group is only 9.5 percent a relatively low rate in a country where Treasury bill rates were close to that level during the year.

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