Mailpac dominates fallen Junior Market

MailPac Group dominated Junior Market trading on Tuesday with 78 percent of total volume after an exchange of 14.73 million of the company’s shares and leading the overall volume of stocks traded jumping 168 percent, with the value traded rising by 219 percent over Monday.
At the close of trading on Tuesday, all 43 listed securities traded, up from 36 on Monday, with 22 rising, 11 declining and 10 ending unchanged.
The Junior Market Index dropped 23.31 points to settle below 3,300 points for the first time in eight days at 3,297.55, with the move down opposite to the market breadth.
The PE Ratio, a measure that determines an appropriate relative value of each stock, averaged 12.5 based on’s 2021-22 earnings forecast.
Trading accounted for 18,917,282 shares for $63,058,701 up from 7,035,403 units at $19,752,231 on Monday.
Lasco Financial was the second leading traded stock with 4.2 percent of total volume accounting for 786,080 units, followed by Jamaican Teas 3.7 percent exchanging 693,608 units.
Trading averaged 439,937 units at $1,466,481 in contrast to 195,428 at $548,673 on Monday. The month to date, averaged 201,365 units at $654,061, compared to 146,798 units at $468,241 on Monday. May closed with an average of 318,089 units at $760,337.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows one stock ended with the bid higher than its last selling price and four with lower offers.
At the close, Access Financial rallied $1.70 to $22 with an exchange of 858 shares, CAC 2000 sprang 95 cents to $10.40 with a transfer of 44 stock units, Caribbean Assurance Brokers gained 12 cents to end at $2.12, with  1,500 units changing hands. Caribbean Cream increased 15 cents to $6 with 6,645 stocks traded, Consolidated Bakeries dropped 20 cents to $1.78 in switching ownership of 6,900 shares, Dolphin Cove fell 11 cents to $7 with 18,815 stock units passing through the market. Everything Fresh rose 9 cents to $1.08, exchanging 197,290 units, Express Catering shed 25 cents to $4.75 with a transfer of 28,500 stocks. Fontana gained 8 cents to finish at $6.10 with 57,229 shares changing hands, Fosrich rallied 30 cents to $8.50 with 133,157 stock units traded, General Accident slipped 5 cents to $5.75 with 3,220 units changing hands, Honey Bun popped 39 cents to $7 with 40,229 stocks passing through the market, iCreate gained 12 cents to close at 89 cents with an exchange of 7,000 shares. Indies Pharma advanced 15 cents to $4.05 with the trading of 10,370 stock units, Jetcon Corporation popped 19 cents to $1.28 with 287,571 units traded, KLE Group rallied 22 cents to $1.24 with investors switching ownership of 5,500 shares. Knutsford Express jumped 38 cents to $8.45 with 607 stock units passing through the market, Lasco Distributors dipped 20 cents to $3.81 with an exchange of 95,033 units, Lasco Financial fell 15 cents to $3.75 with a transfer of 786,080 stocks. Lasco Manufacturing lost 13 cents to settle at $5.45 with 13,731 shares changing hands, Limners and Bards rose 5 cents to $3.05 with 48,078 units traded, Lumber Depot spiked 28 cents to a 52 weeks’ closing high of $3.69 with investors switching ownership of 620,319 stocks and Medical Disposables spiked 60 cents to $4.85 with 1,110 stock units changing hands.

Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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