Juniors have 5 new highs on Wednesday

Cargo Handlers ended at a new 52 weeks' high of $37.50.

Cargo Handlers ended at a new 52 weeks’ high of $37.50.

4 stocks closed at 52 weeks’ highs and one at an intraday high as trading volumes returned to normal on the junior market with the absence of any major trade. The junior market index declined by 22.67 points to 1,644.24 as the market closed with 14 securities trading of which 7 advanced and 4 declined. Volume amounted to 1,962,619 units, valued at $7,767,219 changing hands.
At the close there was 1 security ending with no bid to buy and 6 securities had no stocks being offered for sale. A total of 5 stocks closed with bids higher than their last traded prices while one closed with a lower offer.
In trading, Cargo Handlers ended with 700 shares changing hands, for a gain of $1.50 and closed at a 52 weeks’ high of $37.50, Caribbean Cream had 1,029,160 shares changing hands at $3.70, Caribbean Flavours fell $1 in trading 17,700 units to close at $9, Caribbean Producers closed at $4.57 and lost 5 cents with 20,000 units changing hands. Derrimon Trading ended with 89,128 shares changing hands at $3.80. Dolphin Cove closed at $16 after dropping $1 with 3,100 shares trading, Honey Bun gained 8 cents with 10,000 shares changing hands, to close at a 52 weeks’ high of $6.08, Jamaican Teas rose 3 cents with 1,250 shares trading to close at $4.50. JM Trde Sht 23-12-15KLE Group closed at a 52 weeks’ high of $1.20 with a gain of 5 cents as 34,000 shares changed hands, Knutsford Express fell $1.15 and ended at $9.50 with 65,901 shares changing hands. Lasco Distributors closed with 225,870 shares changing hands at $4.60 after trading at an intraday 52 weeks’ high of $4.90. Lasco Financial rose 4 cents to close at a 52 weeks’ high of $3.59, with 225,870 shares changing hands, Lasco Manufacturing gained 30 cents, to close at $3.30 with 402,487 shares trading and Medical Disposables closed 30 cents higher at $3.55 with 500 shares trading.

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