Juniors make big gain on Thursday

AMG Packaging gained $2.30 to a 52 weeks' high of $18.80 on Thursday.

AMG Packaging gained $2.30 to a 52 weeks’ high of $18.80 on Thursday.

The junior market made enjoyed a nice recovery at the closed on Thursday with 15 securities trading, 7 of which advanced, 2 declined. The market ended with index jumping over 2 percent by adding 47.57 points to end at 2,274.71 as 3 stocks closed at a new 52 weeks’ highs and with a few interesting bids, included are Access at $17.50 to buy 33,700 and Cargo Handlers at $40.05 to buy 3,700 units.
The volume of 1,700,082 units changed hands, valued at $8,831,236. At the close, 1 security ended with no bid to buy and 9 securities had no stocks being offered for sale but 6 stocks closed with bids that were higher than their last selling prices and one ended with a lower offer.
In trading, AMG Packaging gained $2.30 with a mere 100 units changing hands to end at a new 52 weeks high of $18.80, C2W traded 3,370 shares at 49 cents, Caribbean Cream ended with a gain of 45 cents to close at $4.75, Caribbean Producers traded 59,990 units but fell 40 cents to close at $5.10. Consolidated Bakeries traded 3,000 units and gained 15 cents to close at $1.55, Derrimon Trading closed at $4.50 with 22,390 units changing hands, General Accident traded 521,900 shares to close at $2.18, Honey Bun ended at a 52 weeks’ high of $9.31 with 50,000 units trading with a gain of 1 cent. The company reported first quarter earnings to December with sales increasing by 42 percent $293 million and profit after taxes rising 175 percent, to $47 million for 48 cents per share. Jamaican Teas gained 10 cents with 25,704 shares trading, to close at a $5.60, but traded earlier in the day at an intraday high of $5.61.JM sum 4-2-16 Knutsford Express traded 1,550 shares at a 52 weeks’ high of $17.25, the stock closed with a gain of 75 cents, Lasco Distributors closed with 277,371 units trading and ended with a gain of 30 cents at $7.80, Lasco Distributors reported a 50 percent jump in profit after tax of $592 million, for the nine months to December last year, up from $197 million. Profit after tax for the quarter was $212.5 million over prior year. Revenues for the nine months amounted to $10.9 billion 36 percent higher than in 2014. Revenues for the quarter were S4.0 billion, with the increase being in line with the nine months growth and profit after taxation came in at $213 million from 193 million in 2014. Lasco Financial closed at $4.16 with 49,260 shares changing hands. Lasco Manufacturing ended trading with 250,166 shares to close at $5, the company reported profit generated before tax for the nine months ended December 2015 at $763.5 million compared to $426.3 million for the same period last year, an increase of $337 million or 79%. Lasco’s profit for the quarter came in at $267 million, 69 percent higher than the $158 million for the same period in 2014. Medical Disposables closed at $3.55 with 34,200 shares trading and tTech closed with a 5 cents loss at $4.65 with 12,000 shares trading.

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