Junior Market recovers ground on Thursday

Stocks delivered another day of advance after regaining just under half the points lost yesterday on the for the Junior Market as trading came to an end on Thursday with prices of 13 stocks rising, 14 declining and 10 ending unchanged after 37 securities traded compared to 36 on Wednesday, after an exchange of 18 percent fewer stocks for 31 percent less the value than on Wednesday.
The Market Index added 15.14 points to close at 3,354.91 after moving up to 3,375.79 within six minutes of the opening.
The PE Ratio, a measure that determines an appropriate relative value of each stock, averaged  12.7 based on ICInsider.com’s 2021-22 earnings forecast.
Trading ended with 5,390,213 shares for $13,454,101 compared to 6,540,530 units at $19,468,768 on Wednesday.
Future Energy Source led trading with 36.9 percent of total volume, and 1.99 million shares, Tropical Battery followed with 11.6 percent or 627,308 units and Mailpac Group 9.6 percent, with an exchange of 518,163 units.
Trading averaged 145,681 units at $363,624 in contrast to 181,681 at $540,799 on Wednesday. The month to date averages 177,819 units at $557,252, compared to 180,468 units at $573,208 on Wednesday. May closed with an average of 318,089 units at $760,337.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows three stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices and four with lower offers.
At the close, Access Financial popped $1.30 to $22.30 trading 1,002 shares, AMG Packaging fell 16 cents to $1.55 with 50 stocks passing through the market, Blue Power climbed 13 cents to close at $3.74 with a transfer of 1,800 units. Caribbean Producers rose 6 cents to a 52 weeks’ high of $4.50 with 114,426 stock units traded, Elite Diagnostic dropped 25 cents to $2.95 with 98,497 shares changing hands, Express Catering climbed 85 cents to $6.35 with an exchange of 164,415 stocks. Fosrich lost 14 cents to close at $8.35 with investors switching ownership of 9,790 units, Indies Pharma dropped 33 cents to $3.19 with a transfer of 210,587 stock units, KLE Group gained 21 cents to end at $1.2 with 4,000 shares traded. Knutsford Express climbed 15 cents to $8.90 with 7,058 units changing hands, Lasco Financial fell 27 cents to $3.22 with an exchange of 504,345 stocks, Limners and Bards advanced 15 cents to $3.15 with investors switching ownership of 49,198 stock units. Lumber Depot fell 11 cents to $3.19 with a transfer of 114,143 shares, Mailpac Group  slipped 8 cents to $3.69 with 518,163 units traded, Main Event lost 20 cents to settle at $5 with 7,723 stocks changing hands.Medical Disposables dropped 40 cents to $4.50 with investors switching ownership of 18,945 stock units and Stationery and Office Supplies spiked 65 cents to $8.88 with 10,016 shares crossing the exchange.

 Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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