Junior market brakes 1,300 Mark

AMG Packaging closed at a new 52 weeks' high on Friday

AMG Packaging closed at a new 52 weeks’ high on Friday

The junior market closed over the 1,300 mark for the first time on Friday, gaining 91 percent so far for 2015 and is heading even higher as several junior market stocks are undervalued. Trading resulted in 14 securities traded as the market index rose by 17.52 points to 1,310.65 for a new closing high. A total of 1,446,535 units, valued at $6,684,912 changed hands as 10 stocks advanced and 1 declined.
The market ended with 4 stocks closing at 52 weeks’ high. 4 securities ended with no bids to buy, while 7 had no stocks being offered for sale. A total of 8 stocks closed with bids higher than the last traded prices and none closed with a lower offer.
In trading, AMG Packaging closed with a gain of 57 cents at a 52 weeks’ high of $4.37 with 13,830 units changing hands, Caribbean Cream rebounded with a 20 cents gain and closed at $3.30 with 97,766 shares changing hands. Caribbean Flavours rose 18 cents to $3.98 with 270,000 shares changing hands to close at a new 52 weeks’ high. Caribbean Producers traded 31,000 units with a loss of 49 cents end at $2.50, Derrimon Trading had 32,804 units changing hands to end at $2.40 having gained 10 cents, Dolphin Cove rose 10 cents in trading 220,000 shares, to end at $13. General Accident ended with 80,000 shares changing hands, gained 30 cents and ended at a 52 weeks’ high of $2.20,JM - Trade sht 23-10-15 Jamaican Teas had 30,000 units changing hands for 9 cents higher to end at $3.44. Lasco Distributors with 22,240 shares changing hands, closed 8 cents higher at $2.95, Lasco Financial gained 4 cents and closed at $2.45 while 427,767 shares changed hands. Lasco Manufacturing traded 192,350 shares to end at $3.30, Medical Disposables closed at $2.55 with 883 shares trading, Paramount Trading ended with 15,000 shares changing hands with a rise of 50 cents to end at $7 for a 52 weeks’ high and Eppley 9.5% preference share, closed at $6 with 12,095 units trading.

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