Jamaica Producers buys more KWH shares

JamaicaProducersLogo280x150 Kingston Wharves $3 billion trade, dominated activity on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, in Wednesday’s trading. The Wharf company had 466 million units of its stock sold to Jamaica Producers and Seaboard Corporation, a United States company, involved in food, energy and the shipping industry, by National Commercial Bank.
The stock traded at $6.50 up from $5.01 on Tuesday, but it had a bid of $5.75 which allowed the trade to take place 29.75 percent above the closing price on Tuesday. Normally, there would be a 15 percent limitation on the daily trading price movement, from the prior day’s last traded price. but allowances are made for cases where the bids or offer of the previous day better reflect the market value of the stock.
Trading activity resulted in the prices of 10 stocks rising and 5 declining as only 20 securities changed hands, resulting in 470,310,461 units trading, valued at $3,066,292,531, in all market segments.
Main Market| The JSE Market Index gained 631.80 points to 72,064.01 and the JSE All Jamaican Composite index rose 706.45 points to close at 79,288.84.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, in the main and junior markets, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator had only 4 stocks with bids higher than their last selling prices and 7 stocks with offers that were lower, suggesting a likely negative movement in prices on Thursday.
JSEsm 24-9-14 Gains| Stocks gaining with last traded prices, at the end of trading in the main market are, Berger Paints with 3,799 shares trading, with a 3 cents rise to $1.65, Carreras with 1,500 shares changing hands, 35 cents higher at $34.65, Desnoes & Geddes put through 13,083 units with a gain of 10 cents to end at $4.80, Grace Kennedy had 4,955 shares changing hands and gained $1, to $59, Kingston Wharves 466,435,712 shares traded with a gain of $1.49 to $6.50, Mayberry Investments closed with a 2 cents gain at $1.47 after 9,000 units went through the market, there were no stock on offer at the close of trading, National Commercial Bank never benefited from the big sale of Kingston Wharves shares and had 89,031 units active, with a 20 cents increase to $18.20 and Sagicor Group saw 3,157,519 units moving 50 cents higher, at $9.75.
Firm| The stocks in the main market to close without a change in the last traded prices are, Proven Investments with 30,000 units, closed at 17.99 US cents and Radio Jamaica with 2,132 shares at $1.04.
Declines| The last traded prices of stocks with losses at the end of trading in the main market are, Caribbean Cement with 93,220 shares, lost 19 cents to end at $2.36, Sagicor Real Estate Fund traded just 14,436 units with 28 cents loss at $6.52 and Scotia Group with 93,248 shares, closed 8 cents lower at $19.01.
Preference| Jamaica Money Market Brokers 8.75% preference share traded 10,500 units at $3 and Jamaica Money Market Brokers 7.50% preference share traded 27,546 units at $2.

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