Gains for JSEUSD stocks

Stocks gained at the close on the Jamaica Stock Exchange US dollar market on Friday, following trading in seven securities, up from four on Thursday with prices of three rising, one declining and three ending unchanged with a 92 percent decline in the volume of stocks that were exchanged with a 59 percent lower value than Thursday.
The market closed with an exchange of 36,637 shares for US$5,319 compared to 456,359 units at US$13,103 on Thursday.
Trading averaged 5,234 units at US$760 down sharply from 114,090 shares at US$3,276 on Thursday, with a month to date average of 43,526 shares at US$2,697 compared with 47,993 units at US$2,923 on the previous day and May with an average of 32,077 units for US$3,201.
The US Denominated Equities Index climbed 2.16 points to settle at 2212.02
The PE Ratio, a measure used in computing appropriate stock values, averages 7.9. The PE ratio is computed based on the last traded price divided by projected earnings done by for companies with their financial year ending and or around August 2024.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows five stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and one with a lower offer.
At the close, Margaritaville ended at 8 US cents after 2,775 shares were traded, Productive Business Solutions remained at US$1.275 in switching ownership of 144 stocks, Proven Investments ended at 13 US cents with 32,830 shares crossing the market. Sygnus Credit Investments fell 0.4 of a cent in closing at 8 US cents with investors trading 243 stocks, Sygnus Real Estate Finance USD share gained 2.19 cents to end at 10.99 US cents after 87 shares passed through the market and Transjamaican Highway popped 0.08 of a cent to close at 2.09 US cents in an exchange of 200 stocks.
In the preference segment, JMMB Group 5.75% rallied 1 cent to US$1.71 with investors transferring 358 units.
Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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