Falling stocks hit Junior Market

Falling stocks overwhelmed those rising at the end of trading on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Tuesday, with trading in 43 securities compared with 45 on Monday and ending with prices of eight rising with modest gains, 17 declining and 18 closing unchanged, with the market closing with a 34 percent decline in the volume of stocks traded, after a 55 percent fall value than in trading on Monday.
The market closed trading of 4,944,789 shares for $7,691,275 compared with 7,528,822 stock units at $16,904,689 on Monday.
Trading averaged 114,995 shares at $178,867 compared with 167,307 units at $375,660 on Monday with the month to date, averaging 207,840 units at $459,926 compared with 213,954 stock units at $478,434 on the previous day and March with an average of 221,659 units at $464,382.
EduFocal led trading with 1.66 million shares for 33.6 percent of total volume, but the stocks traded at an intraday 52 weeks’ low of 78 cents before closing at 90 cents and was followed by Fosrich with 561,011 units for 11.3 percent of the day’s trade and MFS Capital Partners with 518,349 units for 10.5 percent market share after trading at a 52 weeks’ low.
At the close of trading, the Junior Market Index declined 31.61 points to cease trading at 3,744.84.
The Junior Market ended trading with an average PE Ratio of 12.4, based on the last traded prices in conjunction with earnings projected by ICInsider.com for the financial years ending around August 2025.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows six stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and six with lower offers.
At the close, CAC 2000 lost 56 cents and ended at $3.84 with investors transferring 711 stock units, Caribbean Assurance Brokers shed 6 cents to close at $2.20, with 2,783 shares crossing the market, Dolphin Cove declined 56 cents to close at $19.20 with a transfer of 19,596 units. Fontana fell 20 cents to end at $8.70 after an exchange of 15,200 stocks, Indies Pharma skidded 20 cents in closing at $2.45 with investors trading 433,891 units, Jamaican Teas rallied 10 cents to finish at $2.28 after a transfer of 2,275 stocks. Lasco Financial sank 33 cents and ended at $1.52 with 50,508 shares clearing the market, Limners and Bards dropped 33 cents to $1.21 with an exchange of 231,775 stock units. Mailpac Group skidded 4 cents to close at $1.94 after a transfer of 47,642 shares, MFS Capital Partners dipped 23 cents to finish at a 52 weeks’ low of $1.30 after 518,349 shares crossed the market, Spur Tree Spices fell 4 cents to end at $2.50 and closed after 39,639 stocks changed hands and Tropical Battery dipped 4 cents in closing at $2.16 in an exchange of 18,464 units.

Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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