Trading falls but JSE USD Market rises

Trading on the Jamaica Stock Exchange US dollar market ended on Wednesday, with the volume of stocks changing hands declining 75 percent, valued 85 percent lower than on Tuesday, resulting from trading in seven securities, compared to four on Tuesday with one rising, two declining and four ending unchanged.
A total of 73,498 shares were traded for US$5,221 compared to 296,100 units at US$34,738 on Tuesday.
Trading averaged 10,500 units at US$746, versus 74,025 shares at US$8,685 on Tuesday compared to trading in—October with an average of 47,977 units for US$4,392.
The US Denominated Equities Index advanced 3.00 points to finish at 229.02.
The PE Ratio, a measure used in computing appropriate stock values, averages 8.8. The PE ratio is calculated based on the last traded price divided by projected earnings done by for companies with their financial year ending between November 2023 and August 2024.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows one stock ended with a bid higher than the last selling price and one with a lower offer.
At the close, First Rock Real Estate USD share ended at 4.37 US cents, with 640 units crossing the market, Margaritaville remained at 12.7 US cents after trading 1,411 stocks, Proven Investments ended at 15.5 US cents closed with an exchange of 1,372 shares. Sterling Investments advanced 0.26 of a cent in closing at 1.96 US cents in an exchange of 50,816 stocks, Sygnus Credit Investments declined 0.12 of a cent to close at 8.56 US cents with investors transferring 162 shares and Transjamaican Highway remained at 1.65 US cents after exchanging 17,297 units.
In the preference segment, JMMB Group 5.75% shed 5 cents in closing at US$1.95 after 1,800 stocks passed through the market.
Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

Junior Market falls again

The Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange slipped at the close of trading on Tuesday, after a big jump in the volume of stocks traded, with a 179 percent jump after a 94 percent rise in value compared with trading on Monday following trading in 43 securities compared with 45 on Monday and ending with prices of 16 rising, 18 declining and nine closing unchanged as the market closed with two stocks hitting intraday 52 weeks’ Low and one closing at a 52 weeks’ low.
Investors traded 10,678,936 shares at $24,677,448, up from 3,833,833 units for $12,740,526 on Monday.
Trading on Tuesday averaged 248,347 shares for $573,894 versus 85,196 shares at $283,123 on Monday. Trading for the month to date averaged 293,751 units at $731,795 compared with 296,509 units at $741,385 on the previous day. June ended with an average of 319,230 units at $854,456.
ONE on ONE Educational led trading with 2.26 million shares for 21.2 percent of total volume, followed by Dolla Financial with 2.26 million units for 21.1 percent of the day’s trade, Paramount Trading closed with 1.95 million units for 18.3 percent market share and Spur Tree Spices with 1.44 million units for 13.5 percent of total volume.
At the close, the Junior Market Index dipped 5.62 points to 3,912.36, but the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator is reflecting more negative signs, with three stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices and seven with lower offers.
The PE Ratio, a measure used in computing appropriate stock values, averages 11. The PE ratios of Junior Market stocks are calculated using the last traded price in conjunction with’s projected earnings for the financial years ending between November 2023 and August 2024.
At the close, AMG Packaging increased 16 cents to $2.66 in an exchange of just 444 shares, Blue Power fell 37 cents to close at $2.62, with stakeholders exchanging 16,428 stock units, Cargo Handlers rose $2.98 to $20.98, with 1,221 stocks changing hands, Caribbean Cream dropped 40 cents in closing at $4.08, with the passage of 2,611 units through the market. Caribbean Flavours rallied 10 cents to $1.33, with 8,001 stocks clearing the market, Dolla Financial climbed 21 cents in closing at $2.40 while exchanging 2,255,034 stock units, Everything Fresh popped 8 cents and ended at $1.47 after a transfer of 9,001 units, Fontana gained 8 cents to end at $11 with a transfer of 120,687 shares. Future Energy Source advanced 15 cents to $3.95, with 147,491 stocks being traded, Honey Bun declined 43 cents to close at $6.06, with 37,303 shares crossing the exchange, Image Plus Consultants lost 18 cents and ended at $2.30 in trading 154,518 units, Iron Rock Insurance dipped 50 cents in closing at $2 in an exchange of 24,721 shares. Medical Disposables shed 76 cents to end at $4.30 after an exchange of 15,440 stock units, MFS Capital Partners dipped 18 cents to close at $2.40 with 143,773 shares crossing the market, Stationery and Office Supplies advanced 10 cents to $27.98 with an exchange of 92,464 stocks and Tropical Battery increased 19 cents in closing at $2.04 after trading 323,285 units.
Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

Trading jumps on the Trinidad Exchange

Market activity climbed Thursday, with increased volume and value of stocks passing over the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange, with 120 percent rise in the volume of stocks traded as the value rose twice that on Wednesday, resulting in 20 securities trading the same as Wednesday, with prices of three rising, six declining and 11 remaining unchanged.
Investors traded 1,680,092 shares for $14,416,020 up from 763,837 stock units at $7,220,624 Wednesday. An average of 84,005 units were traded for $720,801 compared with 38,192 shares at $361,031 on Wednesday, with trading month to date averaging 60,038 shares at $543,029 versus 58,471 units at $531,410 on the previous day. The average trade for October amounts to 29,755 at $358,068.
The Composite Index rose 3.92 points to 1,306.95, the All T&T Index rallied 7.59 points to 1,967.62 and the Cross-Listed Index remained at 83.98.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows three stocks ended with a bid higher than their last selling prices and three with lower offers.
At the close, Agostini’s remained at $43 after ten shares crossed the market, Angostura Holdings gained 50 cents in ending at $24 after a transfer of 1,656 stocks, Ansa McAl ended at $50 after trading six stock units. Calypso Macro Investment Fund remained at $22.15 with investors transferring 34 units, Clico Investment Fund ended at $30 in exchanging 79,072 stock units, First Citizens Group rose 4 cents to $50.05 in trading 1,328 units. FirstCaribbean International Bank remained at $5.11 with a transfer of 160 shares, GraceKennedy ended at $4.75 with 15,434 stocks crossing the exchange, JMMB Group remained at $1.81 with an exchange of 7,800 units. L.J. Williams B share ended at $2.30 in trading 12,958 stock units, Massy Holdings ended at $4.50 after an exchange of 1,500,007 stocks, National Enterprises dipped 1 cent to close at $3.25 after 200 shares changed hands. National Flour Mills shed 1 cent to end at $1.50 in switching ownership of 3,448 stocks, NCB Financial lost 2 cents to end at $4.56 as 2,725 shares passed through the market, Republic Financial rallied $3.99 in ending at $139.99 after exchanging 35,020 units. Scotiabank dropped 10 cents to $77.90 76, with stock units crossing the market, Trinidad & Tobago NGL declined $1 to close at $22 with 6,202 stock units clearing the market, Trinidad Cement remained at $3.60 after an exchange of 13,843 shares. Unilever Caribbean fell 1 cent to $13.78 with the swapping of 68 stocks and West Indian Tobacco remained at $22 as investors traded 45 units.
Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

Seprod slated to make big acquisition

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Seprod is in the process of acquiring a distribution company headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago and is involved in food, grocery, hardware, housewares, pharmaceuticals and beverages. gathers the acquisition, which Seprod states is slated to be concluded by the end of May, would about double Seprod’s size in revenues. The target has 1,300 employees and revenues of US$240 million around J$37 billion, just below Seprod‘s sales of J$43 billion for 2021. The group, AS Brydens which is being acquired, also operates in Barbados and Guyana and is expected to boost Sperod’s profit per share, from the majority ownership that they will hold along with others within the Musson Group.

IC gathers that Seprod expects to benefit from increased sales of locally manufactured goods through the new linkage.

Jamaica’s remittances up again in October

Total remittance inflows climbed a respectable 8.8 percent for an increase of US$24 million to US$296 million, up from US$272 million in 2020.
The increase continues the robust growth remittance inflows enjoyed since May last year. It puts the total inflows for the year to date at US44 million short of the total intake for 2020, when US$2.905 billion was taken in for the year to the end of December. At the pace inflows have grown, the take for the current year could hit a record US$3.5 billion, data released by the Bank of Jamaica is suggesting.

BOJ’s new website

Visitors to Bank of Jamaica’s website will be greeted by a spanking new look that is completely different from the former site.
A brief look and navigation of the site appear to make it easier to navigate the new one compared to the former, with certain information that appears easier to find. The format for some of the information also looks different and, in cases, more appealing form than the previous ones.

JPS slackness

Many Jamaicans have been paying their JPS bills through the MYJPS web portal for years, but the company does not have the decency to advise persons making payments by that method that they are making changes to the system. 
In August, the site was not operational for days, but JPS still charged persons using that system, late fee, although it was not the customers’ fault. In September, the site was operational, but now the site is gone. A call to JPS confirms that they have migrated to a new system; as such, the old information will have to be inputted allover. This is awful customer service.
This is not the approach that the company should take. Clearly, the customers are not important, if they were, they would have been informed and efforts would have been taken to migrate to information over to the new system.

Richard Byles next BOJ governor

BOJ interest rate & cash reserves cut will help push demand in the economy.

Word reaching IC is that the next Governor of Jamaica’s central bank will be the past CEO of Sagicor Group, Richrad Byles.
Byles has a bachelors degre in economics from the University of the West Indies and a Master degree  in National Development and Planning from the University of Bradford. He is widely accepted to have played a major role in transforimng both the PanJam group and Sagicor Group.
Bryan Wynter who serves as the current governor of the central bank demits office later this year.

Wisynco to distribute JP Snacks

An announcement is set for today, that the  Wisynco Group has picked up the distribution of certain Jamaica Producers’ products.
A check with a spokesperson for Wisynco indicated that they could not confirm the distribution agreement. It is unclear whether the new distribution agreement is only for the Jamaican market or if it includes other markets as well.
Other sources had indicated the distribution was for Tortuga Rum Cake Jeffery Hall, Managing Director of Jamaica Producers 62 percent shareholders in Tortuga International Holdings manufacturers of the rum cake, told IC that the distribution of Rum cake remains with Select Brands who have indebt knwoledge of the market for the Rum Cake. Tortuga International had revenues of $879 million in 2018 according to the group’s audited accounts and was negatively affected by hurricane in the region, Hall stated.
Wisynco confirmed that the company are now distributors of packaged sugar for the Pan Caribbean sugar company in Frome as well as Appleton Sugar factory. Seprod is also said to be co distributors as well for the pacaked Appleton sugar.

Some impressive profit results

The latest set of listed companies to report financials show an array of impressive profits for a number of them, turn around situation in one and flat results for a few.

C&W reported a small loss of $138M for 2017 before tax.

Cable and Wireless reported a very small loss for 2017 down sharply from a billion loss in 2016 and is about to break out into a highly profitable period starting in 2018. The company that has chalked up accumulated losses of more than $48 billion reported losses of only $138 million before tax for 2017, and just $383 million after tax, flowing from a 9 percent rise in revenues to $27 billion with a big rise in mobile revenues by 54 percent to $15 billion while interest cost at $5.2 billion the company lost the year, down from a loss of $1.4 billion in 2016. With the sharp fall in interest rates locally interest cost should drop by around $2 billion in 2018 and plunge the company into an excellent profit position with continued growth in revenues. Unfortunately, the parent company wants to take over the company at a low price, after local shareholders have suffered losses for many years at just the stage when good times seem to be returning.
Newly listed FosRich Group posted an 81 percent increase in profit to $55 million and earnings per share of 14 cents from revenues that fell 9.5 percent to $1.05 billion, but helped by other income of $42 million comprising mostly interest and foreign exchange gains.
Jamaica Producers enjoyed strong gains in operating profits with an increase of 77 percent to $662 million after adjusting the 2016 results for non-recurring gains of $3.7 billion. Operating income for the year was up an impressive 34 percent resulting in gross profit rising from $3.24 billion to $5.14 billion. Earnings per share came in at 59 cents.
Stationery and Office Supplies that listed in August last year enjoyed a 29 percent bounce in revenues for the full year and 37 percent rise in the December quarter to record full year revenues of $906 million and a 78 percent rise in profits to $83 or earnings per share of 38 cents.
Kingston Wharves profit climbed 18 percent from $1.29 billion to $1.63 billion for 2018 from revenues that moved from $5.41 billion to $6.37 billion for a rise of 28 percent and ended with earnings per share of $1.14.
Grace Kennedy continues to struggle to increase profits ended 2018 with flat results of $4.15 billion versus $4.12 billion in 2016. The 2016 figures and one off gains that makes the 2018 better that it appears on the surface. Revenues rose from $88.3 billion to $92 billion in 2018 and other revenues slipped from $2.38 billion to $2.1 billion. The group reports $4.15 in earnings per share.

FosRich profit rose 77% for 2017.

Supreme Ventures reports earnings per share at $44 cents from profits that are virtually flat with 2016 results coming from a 25 percent rise in revenues to $56.2 billion. Profit for the year ended at $1.197 billion from $1.178 billion. The 29017 suffered from write off of assets and impairment amounting to $484 million while repairs and maintenance rose by $110 million.
The 2017 listed Victoria Mutual Investments reports a 9 percent rise in profits to $346 million from a 19 percent rise in net income of $966 million and produced earnings per share of 29 cents.

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