Cargo Handlers Q1 profit falls

Overvalued Cargo Handlers.

Montego Bay’s based, Cargo Handlers suffered a 13 percent dip in profit, for the December quarter to $40 million from $46.2 million in 2016 from flat operating revenues of $86.57 million compared to $86.99 million in 2016 and resulted in earning per share 11 cents.
Gross profit margin declined in the quarter to 59 percent from 61 percent in the 2016, as wages increased ahead of income, leading to Other Operating Expenses rising 7 percent to $35.75 million. Other income fell 84 percent to $544,786 from $3.42 million and interest income declined by 36 percent to $470,000. Revaluation of the Jamaican dollar would have had a negative impact on other income. Administrative expenses rose 20 percent to $5.4 million and finance cost climbed by 35 percent, to $336,038. Taxation payable on the profit fell from $6.66 million in 2016 to $5.76 million.
Gross cash flow, brought in $58 million but increased working capital needs reduced cash inflows to $27 million and raising cash funds to $272 million.
At the end of December, shareholders’ equity stands at $390 million with borrowings at just $0.9 million. Net current assets ended the period at $331 million well above payables of just $17 million.
The stock that traded at a high of $30 in early 2017, last traded at $10.50 on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, with a PE ratio of 21 times IC projected earnings of 50 cents for 2018. The average PE for the market is now 10, suggesting that Cargo Handlers stock price could slip back or remain around the present level for a prolonged period.

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